A Gift for the VIPS

I know with the hustle and bustle of getting every last detail settled, every shower and appointment attended and each thing just “so”, that it’s hard to take time and have a little fun with intimate gifts on the day of the wedding. Sometimes amongst the hub bub of family and friends and the event that making time to remember each other privately doesn’t always make the priority list.

I’m here to plead you to make time! You can make this as easy as a simple note to your beloved, or as elaborate as you’d like.

Ladies, perhaps you could send a photo of a sneak peek – whether that’s a dress hem, or a shoe, or even these lovely stockings showing that “something blue” that’s so traditional. Perhaps there’s a way to even do pin ups before the big day, a nice gift for the man in your life. image I found these at Hot Topic: Blue And White Ruffle Fishnet Thigh Highs $10.00

image If you’re still the shy type, there’s plenty of items still outhtere to make him feel thought of. What if you could bake his favorite cookies the day before? Or if time doesn’t permit, what about having Mrs. Fields Cookies delivered? Always a winning recipe, this Memorable Moments Box is a steal for $21.99 (must order ahead of time) . Plus, he could share, getting you in good graces with the groomsmen after forcing them to wear penguin suits all day! 🙂

And gents, if anything, grab a pen and paper and pour out your heart. Grab a flower, or exert your power and make the best man run out, and treat your intended to a moment that she deserves – today is about spreading the love all imagearound. Those little moments are what you’ll remember. 

Take the time! Enjoy it!


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