Resolution Check Point: April

’ve been making it a habit to check in on myself when trying to accomplish my year’s resolutions. Today I’ll share my progress as a way to admit to the world where I’m going wrong and right image

  1. Go to Italy. Plane booked. Hotel booked. Entertainment tickets and restaurants scouted and booked where I was able. Scheduled calls for further reservations. Scared to hell about how to get around on buses still, I’m planning on learning more about this when I get a chance to breathe from work – that said, as soon as I can, it’s going to be google maps by the day and bus schedules to high heaven.
  2. Maintain my weight healthily. Okay, okay, I’m doing okay. Keeping it down weekly, but it’s much to much on the weekends and way too little during the week. It needs to even out.
  3. Continue to be grateful for what I have.  and I am.  This is getting a little overwhelming as I’ve recently decided to move into the fashion world a bit, and the spending has been craft store heavy, but that said, this is a new hobby that I’m dedicated to, so I’m definitely grateful for the opportunity to start to dabble in a dream.
  4. Value myself. Hm. I’m speaking up for what I want more….I’ve taken the day off to get my crafts and life in order before the next few weeks of crazy above average chaos and activity take over. It’s time that I did a little me time and take time out. This will help me reset myself and be even more grateful .
  5. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. Still no headway made here. It’s not a priority goal at the moment, perhaps later in the year?
  6. Write a novel. The children’s book is at a stand still, I have one piece to complete the writing of and then it’s on it’s way to my illustrious illustrating sister who will complete it. As for the cookbook, it’s been at a stand still as the aforementioned regular job has hit a fever pitch this month. This goes for the novel as well although the compelling want to write this work eeked out another 40 pages plus had some new chapters come to be, it’s really taking on a life of it’s own!
  7. Wear more socks, tights, etc….has to come to the forefront this week! I have a conference next week and looking good amongst the career world is paramount. Will be making sure that everything is accessorized just so!
  8. Purge more. The closet needs help. Any suggestions? I know I can let go of things, but the honest truth is when I look at something, I actually do use them. It’s getting to overflowing and if someone could suggest a better method other than “drawers” then life would be better!
  9. Go to town more – local foods, bike riding – hmmm. Could be better.
  10. DO what you said you would do when you wished you would do it – that’s what tomorrow is about. I’m doing what I’d like to do. It’s my day!
  11. Use environmentally friendly bags, products, etc…I used a reusable bag yesterday. I put it in my purse so I didn’t forget it. I need to use them today at the grocery store. Putting a note on the top of my list for today – NOW!
  12. Finish crafts – I’m a terrible resolution maker. At the urging of friends and after a wonderfully hosted “crazy hat” party, I’ve decided to start making hats. I’ve got a good design book going and materials are on their way and coming in. I’ve set up a wonderful workspace at the house (tweaking to come soon!) and now I’m really working on what my look and feel is for marketing. Tomorrow will give me a great start on finishing the crafts prior to hats, and move forward on this endeavor.
  13. Give more gifts – homemade, think of others – still doing this. Have had a few good things go out this month! 🙂

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