Resolution Check: Almost May! Now in June

I’ve been making it a habit to check in on myself when trying to accomplish my year’s resolutions. Today I’ll share my progress as a way to admit to the world where I’m going wrong and right image

  1. Go to Italy. Okay, okay, I’ve not been practicing and learning my Italian the way that I should. I know this is my biggest challenge for time at the moment. Hopefully getting a few projects done this week will help clear up my calendar.
  2. Maintain my weight healthily. Been okay here. Have had a few weekends where food just seemed to be in abundant supply and was too good to pass up. I’m still within my 5-pound plus/minus space of “acceptable living”. Go me!
  3. Continue to be grateful for what I have. I am trying. I have to admit the list of “things I want to make, do, and devote myself to” continues to grow to a point that I feel paralyzed to even start the list. If a few things in my life would settle, I could see the floodgates of time open and I can start feeling better and grateful for the opportunities my life is bestowing upon me.
  4. Value myself.  This is getting hard. Alot. I’m really feeling more and more like I deserve what life is doling out and that I’m not going to reach those dreams. Optimism is waning, I’m going to pull myself up soon.
  5. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. This continues to disappear. Not only because time off work for Goal #1 (GET TO ITALY!) pops up, but because the horror stories at the gym about the cost and pain are getting under my skin.
  6. Write a novel. This has been totally relegated to the back burner. I totally want more time for it. I even want to outline my next novel. I did write and photo illustrate an entire children’s book last week – Good Morning H-Town! It was inspired by a recent trip out of town. So very happy to have this little accomplishment…despite it only showing that I’m not making headway on the big one!
  7. Wear more socks, tights, etc….I’ve given totally in here. It’s summer. It’s sweltering.
  8. Purge more. Still looking for the good organization method to my madness. Small purges here and there, but until I figure out the go-forward plan on getting it under control, I don’t know how much I should be “going for the gusto” on purging my life. No excuse though, I need to make time for it.
  9. Go to town more – local foods, bike riding – we’re definitely purveyors of the restaurants, but right now, the heat is preventing outdoor activity!
  10. DO what you said you would do when you wished you would do it – I’ve committed to taking time for myself during the week to produce the creativity and DIY projects that I’ve committed myself to. I’m doing it. It’s time for me.
  11. Use environmentally friendly bags, products, etc…totally doing better here. I’ve even got myself with totes pre-packed for the weekend in order to make sure that I keep my usage of earth friendly items in check!
  12. Finish crafts – The hat supplies are there. I’m going to work on them.  A few sewing projects got in the way. Good news, a few got knocked out this weekend. There will be a few more going soon. Hats are coming!
  13. Give more gifts – homemade, think of others – I’m about to go tell someone right now to visit me. I’m so happy when I’m making others happy!

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