F is for Feathers


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Ah, the feather. Who can deny that a peacock is mighty pretty when he’s got his tail fanned out.

Goodness I love the idea of adding feathers to an outfit instead of an overdone sequin or over the top but not appropriately so, ruffle. I just like the idea of a bit of flair that is a little less thought of. Finding the fab fashion with feathers may set you back a bit. For a girl on the cheap, you can usually find a great hair piece with some feathers in it, especially post Royal Wedding where hair fare really ruled the Royal guest roster.

Hit ebay and I’m sure that you can satisfy this need. If you’re a girl with a little crafty ability, then hit the craft store – this is an easy fix right away. Adding some feather trim to an “okay” dress will elevate it to new flying heights. What about making a clutch with a bit of feathered fan fare to the clasp.

I’ve seen a few jewelry pieces out there, my one caution, feathers are fragile! This isn’t your “every day” wearing trend. I would keep it to events that don’t require alot of sitting and/or to items that aren’t going to be pushed and pulled in your day to day use.  Should you want to elevate the feathery fullness to your regular wearing warfare, perhaps you should look at floaty peacock printed materials and make a statement!


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