5 Simple Ideas: How to Take a Photo


Yes, I know you know how to hit the shutter button.image


That’s not what I’m talking here.

I mean how to make a memory last a lifetime.

1) Determine what’s important to you before hand. Do you like people’s reactions? Do you prefer the details of a big picture? Do you want the whole canvas in your frame? Knowing what you like going into something makes you hone your skills to getting there. Aim for what you are looking for.

2) Know your shot. I always take notes of the ideas that I see being used in other photographer’s work. I like how they used the light behind their subject, or how they went over the shoulder instead of just the sideways framing of a particular activity. It’s not that I want to copy their photo, I do want to learn from their technique.

3) Practice. Practice. Practice. You won’t know what you like until you try 100 ways of doing it. Once you’ve found that way of doing it, you have to expand your repertoire again. Keep at it, you’ll learn your favorite angles of capturing your subject.

4) Go outside the box. Don’t just stand in one place and shoot. Move around. Be confident. You can stay out of the limelight and still have several points of reference. You may find that you were missing something from one angle that you’re able to catch in the next. Keep on your toes, it keeps the options for the final frame fresh.

5) Keep telling yourself you’re an artist. and believe it. You aren’t just here to take smiling faces. You’re here to tell a story. Challenge yourself to do that. If you couldn’t attend this event, how you could use your photos to explain to someone, in detail, the look and feel of where you were, and what the emotions were about.

Happy shutterbugging.


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