Resolution Check: July!

I’ve been making it a habit to check in on myself when trying to accomplish my year’s resolutions. Today I’ll share my progress as a way to admit to the world where I’m going wrong and right image

  1. Go to Italy. Yes. Still doing this and well
  2. Maintain my weight healthily. Despite that I had to go to Pittsburgh and eat. Ok….”had to” on a holiday, and it was Grandma’s 93rd birthday and well, let’s be honest, the city known for food where the carb count only pales in comparison to the calorie and fat count…well….but that said, I’m back to pre-vacation weight. So that’s what counts!
  3. Continue to be grateful for what I have. I am trying. I’ve spent this past weekend cleaning out the closet and donating and upgrading a few things around the house – some necessity, phones….some not, love my new craft room chair – then I’m grateful for what I’ve been able to get and nest with.
  4. Value myself.  Getting better at sticking up for when I’ve had something go wrong. I recently had one of those “thank you, but no thank you” talks with someone this past week. I’m finally saying no when I mean it.
  5. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. Has started to reappear, if not but just a glint.  A new referral for a dentist by a friend. Perhaps perhaps perhaps.
  6. Write a novel.  I’ve got my outline written for my second novel. I started my first novel on a rec from a friend. The idea that my first novel is completely personal and won’t make for public consumption made me wonder if writing a novel that no one will read makes for this resolution. Over the past month I’ve had a few inspirational ideas hit. Novel 2 has a road, and is on it’s way after I finish this first one plus the ever present list of to – dos.  
  7. Wear more socks, tights, etc….I’ve given totally in here. That said, with the closet redo, I’m seeing what I have more and will continue to add those forgotten extras to my day to day!
  8. Purge more. Oh. I purged. I said good bye to a huge box of clothes and housegoods this past weekend. Someone hopefully will get good use from them when I donate them. I’m still working my way through organizing my craft room, which if you’re like me, I’m one of those folks that if my desk isn’t clean, I can’t work really well. So this task will help not only purge, but help me get some work done!
  9. Go to town more – we went to Pittsburgh. Doesn’t that count for “go to town”. We ate locally. Right now we’re on a dieting streak, and doing pretty well. I miss dancing alot, both for fun and exercise, but this month already has a big “get things done” theme to it, and since I have energy, despite the Dante-esque heat, I’ll run with it.
  10. DO what you said you would do when you wished you would do it – as odd as it is, this month signals a bit of ending of the year for me. Perhaps because we’ve hit the halfway mark of 2011, I’ve put a stop on gathering new DIY projects and put my focus on getting what I have brought on board done. Watch this space, neat stuff coming!
  11. Use environmentally friendly bags, products, etc…while I’m continuing my slow start to using them, I did pick up a nifty market basket – the kind you can use WHILE shopping and after. That way I can immediately get this resolution down pat from start to finish. The idea that I’m using a market basket also makes me eschew the usual cart, which means …..less stuff if I have to carry it. Savings pouring in already!
  12. Finish crafts – I finished 4 projects over the weekend. I still have 2 larger sewing projects, the knit blanket, the wedding dress I want to remake (not for any time soon) and then my hats. It’s coming though, slowly and surely! See previous note about updating that craft room, it’s getting better by the moment!
  13. Give more gifts – homemade, think of others – I have several hand made items in my docket for others for Christmas. Really excited about this.

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