Resolution Check: October

I’ve been making it a habit to check in on myself when trying to accomplish my year’s resolutions. Today I’ll share my progress as a way to admit to the world where I’m going wrong and right image
  1. Go to Italy. I did.  I am humbled to fulfill a decade long dream. Watch this space for pics, postings and food. I’m still “landing”.
  2. Maintain my weight healthily. Okay, okay, I’ve been to ITALY.  Plus this week I’m in a training at a University. While I must say that the sheer amount of walking in Italy actually only set me back two lbs, the freshman fifteen in a week looms in my head. I’m trying to keep it down, but stressful schedules keep my caloric intake a little higher than it should be.
  3. Continue to be grateful for what I have.  I am. Last week made me grateful for succeeding at a trip on my own two feet. I am so proud to have accomplished a life long dream and I’m already determining what to tackle next. For now, I’m looking forward to a FANTASTIC weekend and so happy that happiness can be easily achieved.
  4. Value myself.  I am worth someone’s time, love, happiness and trust. I am worth a good and happy future. I’m worth my own opinion. Watch me. I’m getting better.
  5. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. ALL GONE! I know…I just plunged and did it the week before I went away.
  6. Write a novel.  Seriously? You’re going to get on me for not finishing a novel after I went halfway around the Earth and had my teeth pulled??
  7. Wear more socks, tights, etc….Fall is almost here. I’m itching to wear boots!! That said, the beautifully stylish Italian girls wear short booties and it made the leg line so much nicer. So…I’ve ordered a pair….:)
  8. Purge more.  I’m still in progress on this. The garage, once the weather tempers down – and it’s finally starting to, will be the next big hit spot.
  9. Go to town more – I have to brag a bit, I’ve been selected as a finalist for a canine photo contest and that, my friends, is making me go to town and celebrate! So very excited!
  10. Use environmentally friendly bags, products, etc… I’ve done it! All through my trip and in the days after I’ve made sure to have my shopping basket with me! It’s getting easier, and more habitual to do this.
  11. Finish crafts – sorry Charlie. No dice here. But as soon as the hecticness of the next few weeks wears into fall where cozying on the couch makes me need to knit more, I’m putting this one on hold.
  12. Give more gifts. Tourist gifts are going out tonight and some have already made the distribution. Next up, the idea that Christmas is LESS THAN 3 MONTHS AWAY!

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