5 Simple Steps – be a kid again

  1. Eat like a kid again – Get your Kraft Mac n Cheese or Spaghetti O’s or even a silly Ring Pop or Lik-A-Stik…take a moment toIMG_9875EFF feel silly and sugared up! Nothing like an afternoon sugar high to get you going. Eschew the expense of that doctored up half-skim, half-half& half, twist of lemon with a shot of hazelnut and light whip coffee-slash-hot-cocoa and turn it into a good nostalgic moment with a bit of a high – both mental and physical – for the rest of your day. What about making a day trip to a cute little ice cream shop, hopping up to the counter and remembering the phrase “Banana Split” or “Chocolate Shake”…take a break, it’s worth your nerves.
  2. Think like a kid again – to start off this exercise, consider the idea that simple things, like candy, or a playground or even a super hero, make kids happy. Not to discount the complexity of the thoughts they do have, it doesn’t require “the moon and earth to shift” in order for them to be happy. Ray Romano has a great bit that he shares, and I’ll paraphrase, “My daughter was in the back of the car, just smiling away, and I asked her what it was that was making her happy”….her reply…”Candy”. Consider what made you happy as a kid, and try injecting those forgotten ideas back into your life.
  3. Dress like a kid again – okay, not to work for your board meeting. But, think costume party! Tell me that if you’ve been to a costume party, or even a crazy hat party like I attended last year, that you didn’t laugh just a little more as each guest arrives in their outlandish garb! Consider just throwing a theme party to get everyone energized, or what about getting a funny cake or over the top decor in order to get everyone into that party spirit if it’s just a simple get together? If you want to take this to your every day routine, why not think about funny socks, or bright colors or a new pair of funny sneakers for weekend use? Things that are a little whimsical will make you smile in the details of it.
  4. Worry like a kid again – “What Me, Worry?”….I adored Mad magazine as a kid. And it’s true, I didn’t worry that much as a kid. Or at least, I didn’t worry about the insurmountable feeling things that I have anxiety about from time to time. Perhaps everything isn’t as difficult as it seems. Focus on what is important, and truly, find a way to implement not caring (at least for a good span to relax again) about the rest. When something comes up perhaps you should have your mental “security blanket” at the ready – recently I’ve been using a listing of things that I have going for me, and I am grateful for. Having recently seen “The Help”, I’ve become a fan of the mantra “You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important”…use that, or find your own center!
  5. Live like a kid again – This is the idea that started this post. On my trip to Italy, amidst all of my relaxing, I found myself sitting

    in the Piazza della Republica on my last day in Florence before the train came to take me to Rome. I wanted on that Carousel sitting in the square. Forgetting what others would think, I plunked down my euro coins to the operator and he seemed rather thrilled that a lady wanted to ride the carousel. I rode it by myself, and that little ride, made such a huge change to my mental state of what I wanted to be going forward. Remember what my kid-hood what like – find happiness in the simple things, be grateful for the excitement, forget what others may judge you for, and continue trying to find smiles. Here is some of the video I took from that ride, hopefully in a small way – it’ll start you.


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