Resolution Check: Finale….

Here we are…days away until the conclusion of the year. What’s in store for me next year? How did I do this year… image

  1. Go to Italy. CHECK!
  2. Maintain my weight healthily. CHECK! Same weight that I started into 2011 with I’m ending 2011 with. YAY ME.
  3. Continue to be grateful for what I have. – CHECK. I’ve spent less, used what I have more and continue to realize a little more each day that I’ve got it pretty damn good.
  4. Value myself.  CHECK. and continued in 2012 and forevermore. I is kind. I is smart. I is important.
  5. Get my wisdom teeth pulled. CHECK!
  6. Write a novel.  CH….almost. With the new job, its’ taking a back step. But….see resolutions for next year. This isn’t going away that quickly.
  7. Wear more socks, tights, etc….TOTALLY CHECK. This is coming with so much fun this week since I get to shop! 🙂 It’s nice to mix match and rock out.
  8. Purge more. – CHECK. Doing so much better here. Finding space every day, finding things I don’t use monthly, keeping tabs on what I buy and what is necessary. It’s happening.
  9. Go to town more – CHECK mostly.
  10. Use environmentally friendly bags, products, etc…MMMM. Complete fail mostly. This is harder than I thought. That said,  
  11. Finish crafts. CHECK! I’ve really paired down. Very little remains to be projects in 2012. I’ve definitely learned what I can and cannot do and pinterest is actually helping me to see projects, think about them and determine whether or not I should move forward!
  12. Give more gifts. CHECK!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I cannot wait!

Grade 2011: B+. Not too shabby with all the changes!

2012…Here I come:

  1. Write one song as inspired by a letter I received last year. Have guitar, have keyboard, have brain, will write.
  2. Complete one set of hats that I’ve promised, supplies in hand. Sit down and do it!
  3. Complete one pair of heels that I’ve got in mind. Life is too short to not have custom shoes! 🙂
  4. Complete my novel and don’t let it get past me again. In fact, I’ve bought a bag for my computer, cafes are all around for me to plug into, and this WILL happen.
  5. Tone my body more by taking on different exercises – 40 leg lifts a day after my work out’s normal 40. Plus find an ab and arm regimen for a few minutes each day.
  6. Take a trip – maybe it won’t be Italy. But I need to continue seeing the world.
  7. Continue to build confidence – every day – continue the mantra, continue to be a better person!
  8. Spend more time with Alice & Ralph – the fuzzies in my life need more bonding! Alice needs to get happy for sure! Ralph is learning some great things – I want to join in!
  9. Not overloading myself.  Stop and smell the roses. So, cutting the resolutions by 25%. This year is about relaxing fun too.

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