5 Simple Ideas – Things I want my Daughter to Know

I’m nearing the ripe old age of 33 where one can start to feel bleak about getting married and having kids if you’re not getting there. I suppose if I got my way in life, I’d had a bouncy brown hairs whirling dervish of a daughter who had my sense of style and the knowledge that:image

    Nothing is guaranteed – Having grown up with two parents who worked their legs off to provide for us, I want her to work hard because no job is required to keep paying you. Despite having those days we all have where it’s difficult and wishing the clock would hit quitting time, I hope she ends up in a career that has a work environment she loves. I love…love…love…what I do. I get up every day and get to be all the nerd I can be and enjoy my numbers and calculations that most people cringe at. Sure, I want to write the world’s best novel, but I live and breathe to do database work. I hope she finds her inner voice and listens to it, I will make sure I encourage her to do so.

    Everything in life is possible. In fact, when they tell you it’s not doable, make sure you show them how doable it is! I’m tired of the road blocks and barriers we put up – whether it’s society’s stereotypes or the occaisonal pessimist – she needs to know that if her mind is set on it and she works hard, that it can happen…and Mom will be her biggest cheerleader. Most of us need cheerleaders, we just don’t ask for it or even know it. I know, personally, if I have someone on the sidelines giving me that extra bit of “You can do it!” and “Good job!” that I’m more bound to believe in myself when the going gets tough along the way to my success.

    Love is a gift.  Don’t spoil it by taking it for granted. Love those around you who are kind and worth it. Don’t spend your heart and soul on those who cannot see what a magnificent and wonderful person that you are. Seek out the good in life, smile and be happy that each day I promise to love you – no.matter.what.

    Don’t forget whimsy. Do not forget that life is not all work. That you have to enjoy the circus or the zoo from time to time because I don’t think we can make it through without a giggle and a cartwheel after a while. Laughter is the best medicine and makes your heart lift up. Make friends and keep those who bring this out in you.

    Have faith and hope in the good things in life. People are good and want to help, let them help when they offer. Don’t learn to do everything on your own, become engrained in the wonderful fabric of humanity that exists in this big round human filled globe.

One day. 🙂


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