Resolution Check: April!

HERE WE ARE…Fourth month of the year and I’m ready and tackling! What I’ve done this year so far:image

1. Write one song as inspired by a letter I received last year. Absolutely no progress here. I’ve picked up the guitar, and practiced the three chords that I know. I have sung the thing in the car and well, if there were an app for writing music much like a speech-recognition program does for typing. I’d be set. In other musical news, I’m going to karaoke and have decided to take singing lessons. Stay tuned….haha, punny.

2. Complete one set of hats that I’ve promised, supplies in hand. Easter weekend…and Easter bonnets go hand-in-hand. I’ve already set up my work table, materials are going to come out of the closet and while I’m cleaning the house and making sure I continue to purge those things I do not need, that hats will start to take up that valuable space.

3. Complete one pair of heels that I’ve got in mind. Life is too short to not have custom shoes!:) – Base shoe is selected and en route to my abode. I’m hoping to have these done by June. There’s an idea, a dream, a sketch and a way forward. Now I just have to get them from head to paper!

4. Complete my novel and don’t let it get past me again. In fact, I’ve started editing. Yes people. We’re getting somewhere. I’ve also come up with a great idea for a kids book and most of that is fleshed out. Just takes finding the time to sit down and complete it. I’m so happy that I thought of it though, I love seeing a project come together. Hopefully the novel will be off to the printer later this year and I can have a lovely thick mass my work sitting on the shelf.

5. Tone my body more by taking on different exercises – 40 leg lifts a day after my work out’s normal 40. Plus find an ab and arm regimen for a few minutes each day. – ok….despite still doing the gym every day and my weight is nicely under control and bikini season is right around the corner and I’m actually on track to participate in it this year….sigh – i’ve NOT changed my routine. Ideas anyone?

6. Take a trip – right now I’ve got a great girls weekend planned in June. And then next year Mom and I have settled on New York City! This year though, hmm. This year is still under discussion. Despite having a week off before Christmas, it’s really opening my mind to where I could go. Oxford, Mississippi is sounding nice. I’d originally started planning that for last year, but this year could be the proper timing!

7. Continue to build confidence – every day – between the shopping for new date clothes and my wonderful, priceless girlfriends who tell me that midriffs are ok, and do them! The more confident I’m becoming. In addition to the pay offs for working out, work itself has been a wonderful place to be. I’m finally starting to get a name for myself in the company and earning my praise. I’m loving the ability to help people do their job better and easier. Makes my day!!

8. Spend more time with Alice & Ralph – I just spent a wonderful bit of time with them both last night. My dinner guest not only helped to keep Ralph entertained, but Alice got to come out and have a little fun herself. I just wish she could join me for morning news or something on a Saturday morning. She chews if she’s not in her cage and I can’t risk the furniture…sigh…remedies??

9. Not overloading myself.  Stop and smell the roses.  Lately I’ve been blessed to be the social butterfly. I’m loving my friends who have been supporting me through becoming single again. It’s a slow healing process, but I’ve made huge changes to myself already. I like who I’ve become and I’m staying this way, it allows me to stop and relax, loving being happy is a motivation like no other.


She’s done with her old life, Good Lord knows she needs a break, She’s shakin her demons off,She’s offloading their weight.
No clue what to do next, She lifts her head to the sky, Falls to her knees,Just wants to know “why?”
Changing channels ain’t so bad, The things you needed are now at hand. You can get what you want, But make sure you want what you get,Life’s got direction, and she’s going with it.
Finding direction, And gaining some ground, She starts to see, What will turn life around.
She knows she’s changing channels, Change takes switching gears,D@mn, she’s gonna do it,Just watch her while she steers.
Changing channels ain’t so bad, The things you needed are now at hand. You can get what you want, But make sure you want what you get,Life’s got direction, and she’s going with it.
Folks say she’s crazy, Muddling truth with their lies, Let them all laugh, She’ll keep her eye on the prize
That’s ok. She’s ready for a new life. And Lord knows….they won’t be in it.
Changing channels ain’t so bad, The things you needed are now at hand.You can get what you want, But make sure you want what you get,Life’s got direction, and she’s going with it.

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