Top 5 Moving Movie Moments in my Life

  1. The Ending of the Pursuit of Happyness – I’ll admit it, I just rewatched this and on a day where work is plentiful and I’m getting it all done, this clip does it every time.  While my own situation was, thankfully, never as dire as Chris’ homelessness, this movie continues to inspire me to be the best I can be. I have no idea what it’s like to be a parent, much less one with circumstances like this, but that bond is amazing and this movie proves that.  My favorite word in the world is hope. I think my second one…and more recently than ever…is happyness.
  2. The Other Sister Wedding Ending – okay friends of mine who follow, sure…I love a good wedding. This movie in particular is moving for the simplicity that love possess we sometimes don’t get  when we’re trying too hard to make things too difficult. I am quirky, and I’ll admit I love (LOVE) a good marching band, so when you place that in a wedding scene, and one where a community has pulled together to support a couple who truly loves each other – it’s a tear jerker. Inspirational. I hope to find this.
  3. When they Carried Rudy off the Field – okay. This is a gimme answer. Who hasn’t seen Rudy? What a great American story of the footballer on the shoulders of his team and the underdog who “shows ‘em what he can do”? The scene starts with the amazing chanting “Rudy…Rudy…Rudy” and ends with the realization of one man’s dream. I don’t want the pomp and circumstance, but when I leave this Earth for wherever is next, I hope I’ve accomplished a few bucket list items with this amount of heart.
  4. The President’s Speech from Independence Day – When I was 5 and my mom bought me Dr. Seuss’ A Book About Me I promptly wrote that I wanted to be a lion tamer. A few years later in a much more deliberate red marker, I scratched that out, only to put President of the United States.  Now, I’m not one for geckos and lizards, much less aliens, but Bill Pullman as president makes anyone want to rise up and join the Army.
  5. When Harry Met Sally’s Final Scene – okay, I’ll stay true to the romantic I am at heart. This scene contains my favorite quote of all time, between two of my favorite actors on my favorite holiday (New Years Eve) right after Billy Crystal has eaten one of my favorite cookies (Mallomars) and is in New York (which i’ve never been to, but…another dream.) Despite all that, it’s not a completely unrealistic scene (ok, ok, so Billy is shown running over half of New York with few folks in sight, but whatever)…and the wording is stunning. Everything he’s saying is true for everyone falling in love: what we view as flaws may be perfection to others, what we thought may never work out sometimes does, and even if it’s the last seconds before the buzzer…you can still get everything you ever dreamed of.

Happy watching everyone! xoxo LA


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