An Ode to Biscuits

Jessica from How Sweet It Is wrote this recipe for Blue Cheese Biscuits with Pinot Noir Butter. Aside from having a huge blog crush on her – her writing is exactly as I would expect her to be if I got to meet her, she’s from near Pittsburgh like the rest of my family and can cook like no one’s business. Her blog is the one I save to read last because it’s bound to be perfect plus reward me with food at the end – 😉

These biscuits were first tasted when I sat down on the couch on a Sunday morning and Jeff had made them. They are unbelievably rich (butter and cheese…) and heavenly. The pinot noir butter, is shockingly amazing. A whole new level of taste people. Shortly after that we traveled West and took them for his mom’s Mother’s Day weekend. Several times in between we resurrected the recipe, made it again, indulged and happily took a nap…in the coming weekends, we will go “camping” (it’s near a lake, but with AC)…and take this recipe with us.

It may not be a recipe that my grandmother, or the famed Mother Lovett of Jessica’s blog, came up with. But this is one special recipe. It doesn’t require bacon or sausage or just about anything other than time and care to put them together. We bake them just so the middles are set but even the slightest bit gooey. I adore them, there is many a great memory attached to these little perfectly flaky pucks. Enjoy.

Picture by How Sweet Eats.


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