Resolution Check: June

HERE WE ARE…Sixth month of the year and I’m ready and tackling! What I’ve done this year so far:clip_image002

1. Write one song as inspired by a letter I received last year. Absolutely no progress here. I’ve picked up the guitar, and practiced the three chords that I know. I have sung the thing in the car and well, if there were an app for writing music much like a speech-recognition program does for typing. I’d be set. In other musical news, I’m going to karaoke and have decided to take singing lessons. Stay tuned….haha, punny.

2. Complete one set of hats that I’ve promised, supplies in hand.  I cleaned the house and making sure I continue to purge those things I do not need, that hats will start to take up that valuable space. Well…the house is on the market…does that count as progress? And my craft room has completely been changed to only allow for me to focus here. I’m sorry! Totally failing! It’s no excuse though, I must must must create soon!

3. Complete one pair of heels that I’ve got in mind. Life is too short to not have custom shoes!clip_image003 – Base shoe is in hand. A beautiful Tiffany blue suede heel that beckons for something. I’m acutally ready to tackle this prior to hats…except. I can’t find the “idea”. It’s become my morning car ride obsession. Studs on the heel? Rhinestones? Mod satin piping added? Now I just have to get them from head to paper and not have something that looks like a woman-of-the-night would wear these!

4. Complete my novel and don’t let it get past me again. In fact, I’ve started editing, still  getting somewhere. Finding the time to sit down and complete it is eluding me. So much of my time lately has been social – I’m so blessed to have the family and friends who keep me busy busy.

5. Tone my body more by taking on different exercises – 40 leg lifts a day after my work out’s normal 40. Plus find an ab and arm regimen for a few minutes each day. – ok….despite still doing the gym every day and my weight is nicely under control and bikini season is right around the corner and I’m actually on track to participate in it this year….sigh – i’ve NOT changed my routine. Ideas anyone?

6. Take a trip – right now I’ve got a great road trip coming up this weekend. Watch for the fruitful and funny pictures to ensue on my photo blog soon. Despite having a week off before Christmas, it’s really opening my mind to where I could go. Oxford, Mississippi is sounding nice. I’d originally started planning that for last year, but this year could be the proper timing! I want to breathe in good country air…let’s see who is up for the adventure.

7. Continue to build confidence – every day – read my post about new found happiness here. This continues to make me a better person.

8. Spend more time with Alice & Ralph – I just spent a wonderful bit of time with them both this weekend. I also just scored an amazing new pet sitter since the retirement of my last one. I feel so great to have them taking care of my fuzzy babies when I’m away. That said, Ralph and I caught up on Mad Men watching and Alice proceeded to spend time acting as security for the kitchen from her corral. As Ralph would walk in, she’d hop over and insure that he wasn’t eating anything he shouldn’t. She doesn’t make noise, but Ralph continues to heed her – I’m going to imagine that they have telepathy…;)

9. Not overloading myself.  Stop and smell the roses.  Still the social butterfly.  I’ve taken Krav Maga – Israeli self-defense classes. I’ve taken tap class. I’m currently in an aerials class with Jeff. Aerials? Yes. Like swing dancing aerials. Despite the applause for us even trying….(yes. Applause…from the “younger crowd”…I’m 33 people!!) we’re having a blast and the instructor says our technique is spot on. SO THERE! J I’ve tried several new restaurants! I have several other events coming up – roller skating, road trips, exciting stuff…life is at a fast pace nowadays, and I’m loving it.


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