5 Simple Ideas – Making it go from “nice” to “NOW THAT’S FABULOUS”

1. Add some extra flair. Wrapping a gift? Why not an unexpected bow made out of their favorite comic strip? Or guys, why not stretch your feminine side acceptance of yourself and hit a craft store for fabric ribbon instead of your 99 cent variety that sticks on in a matter of seconds? Even if done in a simple way, it instantly elevates. Throwing a party – what about adding a few more details that are above and beyond? When throwing parties, consider adding details that make it go from “house party” to “hosted at home fete”. Plate the dinner as if you’re a chef, the simplest details make a meal look immensely better and garnishes go a long way!

2. Consider 3 or 4 details that you didn’t see before. Step outside your usual box when considering others. Make a reminder to drop off a random “how ya doin’?” card to a friend on a day that is unexpected. Go out of your way to find the favorite cookie of a coworker who may have gone out of their way in the past for you. It’s never too late to say ‘thanks’! Elevate your level of consideration of others – explore the possibilities of appreciating those folks who make life easier. Have constantly busy friends where your schedules never meet up? or Facebook friends who live too far away? Consider care packages from you with baked goods, or if you originally met in town together – a selection of local favorites they may be missing….or even free, a digital photo or two that reminds you of them. “Remember the time we went to this coffee place and saw the man reading the newspaper with a parrot on his shoulder?”….

3. What do the pros do? I recently saw a fantastic menu printed on simple paper and wrapped around the napkin/flatware setting on a plate. Simple, easy to create with even something like PowerPoint, this can make guests feel special at your next dinner fete. Remember it’s more than plunking down just the meal. For me, meals are events, you should take the time to frame them properly. Even something as simple as dressing up the email invite if it’s a casual dinner starts the evening out on a slightly higher level. If you have a favorite meal at a restaurant, for me at least, I always think that it’s such a wonderful and different combination – try working something like this at home, or have a “tour of favorites” if you can to try and share your favorite flavors with friends. The stories and critiques of the recipe’s honorees is a good conversation amongst foodie friends.

4. Pay attention to the audience. If you’re presenting somebody with a gift, what do they appreciate? Do they like a little pomp and circumstance? Do they like surprises? Perhaps you can leave the gift, if it’s an unexpected one especially, in a good place for them to find. If you’re throwing a party – does your group tend to gab constantly? perhaps you could pick up a table game that presents different questions to the guests to change up the conversation from what sometimes becomes “shop talk” or “gossip”, neither which is the most optimistic or party feeling at times! if your group is on the quieter side, why not throw a backyard “drive in movie” party? That way not only is the need to talk minimized, but afterwards, there’s a common subject to share in.

5. Don’t forget the proper dismount! Post event, perhaps have a few photos go out – make the memory last forever with a few snaps of your phenomenal party. It’s been proven that reminding others of good memories improves mood towards whatever is happening in their present. Even the Iphone and Instagram can make these great things happen – consider thank you cards post party to share the goods – there’s a great app, postagram that sends your postcards (postage included) for 99 cents + tax. If you’re just planning on making someone thought of, this is a great idea too – I’ve considered just sending a big smile to a few friends to say hello – it’s a little more special…at least I hope it is! …..when it’s my own pearly whites doing it!


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