First of the Month: August

It’s the first Tuesday…okay, okay, holiday weekend… but, let’s check my new ADHD answers:

It’s the first Sunday of the month – we’ll just check in on my ADHD answers.


1. Five pics from the past month – Pickle pops: creative juices still flowing. Love the summer sliding into fall football season. Lost soles still exist. Dreams sometimes don’t make it out the (garden) gate. And dress up, is always fun.

2. Five current favorite words – whether I can use them or not: Aluminium. Faith. Fabulous. Excruciating. Multitask.

3. Current favorite dish: Eating in my kitchen: Greek Grape Leaves Eating out: Shrimp and Pork Siu Mai at Yum Yum Cha in Rice Village. 

4. Favorite Memory this past Month: Fish Tacos with my second family in my house and Looking forward to: Kolache Festival in Caldwell, TX

5. Current best quote: It’s for better or for worse, not, for better and completely perfect. – Lynn Holaday

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