A Simple Dish

A summer winds down and the sun and clouds outside my window are spelling out that Fall is just around the corner, I am reminded of the challenges that always lay ahead as things change.

For me, the challenge was roast beef.

Well. The challenge was feeding someone one of their first home cooked and favorite meals as they returned home from their duty in the war overseas. It all happened several years ago as I was transitioning from my old life, into a new one. One where everything just didn’t have it’s place settled yet.

By the way, if I hadn’t mentioned it, we’d never met. We were foodies. We were Aggies. We were good people. We were pen pals who gabbed about anything and everything – silly, serious, stupid, jokes, our days, his living quarters, whatever we wanted to talk about because well, that’s who we were. No judgement, just friends.

Before I get minds going all harlequin dime-store novel on me, no….nothing happened. Nothing.

Okay, well. Food happened. Movie watching happened. Funny jokes. Riveting stories. Me realizing that the world can change in a weekend.

So why the challenge LA? Let me tell you my friends.

I’d never made roast beef. and now, I realize now (how timely!) that “Holy heck! I could have ruined the favorite dish of this man forever!” He’d have come back from the wild ways of war to an over salted, dental floss like lump of meat aside a sadly liquid-y tasteless dish of scalloped potatoes. (and no, I didn’t admit this to my dinner guest!!)

But…funny enough…I never thought of that. I kept my chin up high, and did what I always have – dove in with both feet, become brave, and took the task at hand on like gang busters.

I didn’t fall in love that weekend. I mean, I’d love to get all “The Notebook” on you folks and even now I’m struggling with myself on whether or not this post is even readable or interesting, but by all means, it’s my blog, I’m the boss of me….ha.

Sometimes people’s purpose is but fleeting, but forever imprinted on how you walk through life going forward. So Sgt. Roast Beef, thanks for the courage that you continue to give to me and others in the shadow of the tragedies and aftermath that we remember this week.

I will smile in the face of adversity, kill my enemies with the kindness they so lack themselves but righteously deserve and remember that no one on this Earth can tell me that I can’t…even myself.  Here’s to my readers…to conquering your own….”beefs”…with life. Winking smile

Pot Roast Beef

3 lb beef chuck or round roast
1 (14 ounce) can beef broth
1 (10 ounce can) cream of mushroom soup
1/2 envelope onion soup mix
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons flour

Heat a large skillet to high and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Sear the meat on all sides until browned. Put all ingredients except flour into a large non stick pot and cook on the lowest heat for approximately 3 hours. Check and stir occasionally to ensure there is still enough liquid. About 30 minutes before serving remove meat and 1 cup liquid from pot. Stir flour into the 1 cup of liquid and return liquid to pot; stir to thicken gravy. Trim excess fat off of roast and return to pot until ready to serve.


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