To E on her wedding day

Very soon, a fantastic chicky in my life, who’s now considered my fantastic little sister in my world of families of choice, is getting married. After the last few weeks of teaching them to dance, her and her dad and her husband-to-be, it’s made me realize what a wonderful time in her life she’s about to experience.

So, unlike Michael Scott’s incredibly inappropriate toast (and classic!!) at Phyllis’ wedding, I thought I’d use my personal virtual world to send on a few sentiments to the perfect couple.

1. I mean, it’s all about you two, but don’t make me cry. Okay. I’m being a little selfish here. But who doesn’t love a good wedding? Inevitably I will tear up at the vows, what romantic doesn’t. But this one is special…dancing. Oh, the dancing after having given the lessons, I’ve already gotten a preview of me tearing up…I guess the takeaway here – get romantic and gushy, it’s a wedding – I love that idea – the fact that a roomful of people gathered to give you a send off into the next stage of your life. What a wonderful thought in today’s world of conflict and corruption. We still get together for a centuries old tradition based on love.

2. You get to be an ultimate princess for a day, and you deserve it, relish being the center of attention. Okay, so by all means, your husband should make you feel like you have royalty status every day, but add a tiara, those Choos and a ball skirt, and seriously, own it. I’m not one who likes to be recognized in front of a group – but I do like the idea that for one day, the world may swirl around myself and my beloved. You are a gorgeous stunning piece of perfection, and deserve the world!

3. Remember: something will inevitably go (hopefully only “a little”) wrong. Just like life, every detail may not be covered. Or something will pop up. Those are the things that we remember sometimes, the things we laugh about. Keep on laughing in the face of all those little mishaps and unexpected things – life is that way continue to roll with it with the perfect grace you’ve always had!

4. Just out and out, be you. As much of a traditionalist that I am at times, don’t forget to stop and interject a whole bunch of you in the day! You wanna bust out your own moves in your groom and bride’s dance…do it. You back lead like a pro (read: like me. ha ha!) – just remember – 50/50…he gets to be in charge too. You’ll look back and remember it was YOU, not just any bride or groom, who got married and it’s important to never lose sight of the wonderfulness that you both are.

5. Drink in every moment – what a Hallmark-y sentiment from me, isn’t it? As a photographer I can’t snap enough on the day – every detail, every moment. And you really can’t get it all on flim or video. Some of the best moments are those that we feel or hear or see (or smell….or taste…buttercream, because let’s be honest…cake!) That day marks the start of a whole new adventure…

Okay lady. There. Advice from a thirtysomething geek big sister like crazy been there thang. Here’s to an amazing AMAZING day day and for the rest of the days of your life.


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