Resolution Check: October

HERE WE ARE…OCTOBER! Two months left! TWO! I’m ready and tackling! What I’ve done this year so far:

1. Write one song as inspired by a letter I received last year. Okay, so I played the guitar last week – and if myself and my best friend feel the same – I rocked that like a mother? Who knows. I’m trying. I’m not giving up yet. I have time! Christmas time! What a better melodic moment!

2. Complete one set of hats that I’ve promised, supplies in hand. I’ve gotten three down, and will promise to take photos soon! (in fact, just put on list to do’s this week) and even more exciting, I’m creating my hat for the annual Christmas Hat party with my wonderful Italian girlfriends! This weekend my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (#mouthful!) and I are going to be hitting the Hobby Lobby and turning them out!

3. Complete one pair of heels that I’ve got in mind. See aforementioned trip to Hobby Lobby – read as: forced opportunity to get the supplies and saddle up for this project!

4. Complete my novel and don’t let it get past me again. Ok. I did. I opened it up. I have a generous offer to read it. and now I’m in edit mood. I’m moved to edit and move on it or I’ll never get it on the shelf. It’s time. That said, I’ve already started a poetry collection and hope to have over 300 poems by close of next year. Resolutions 2013 anyone? Ooh me! Me! (it’s also goal setting time at work, so my brain is already past the holidays in some ways!)

5. Tone my body more by taking on different exercises – blech. Seriously. I can barely make it to the gym. That’s okay, weight management is good, but it’s not good for toning my arms. And I’ve been rewatching Lost lately and dang it Evangeline Lilly, stop making me envious of your strong and ripped yet still feminine arms. I’m so all over a weight regimen…”soon”.

6. Take a trip – does living life wildly busy count as a trip? Ha. HA. It should. As if last month didn’t deliver a flurry of change and transition, this month comes on strong. Work changes. Life changes. Everything. But I feel phenomenal, like I’ve truly found the corner I’m supposed to be turning and hopefully in 6-12 months, life will be something completely new and different and I will look back at this as a successful change. Vague? Probably more than I need to but professionally I need to keep things under wraps.

7. Continue to build confidence – every day – I’ve done this in leaps and bounds over the last month. I am an amazing force to be dealt with. I am worth every leap that comes into my realm and I am worth the time and effort. Thank you amazingly to for showing me that. Get in my life – we can work your best stuff from here.

8. Spend more time with Alice & Ralph – I SO spent some time with Ralph and Alice this weekend. Not only were cages cleaned and animals shuffled about, but serious snuggling on hand. Even with that crazy bunny of mine. Despite the tornado of activity in my life, I’d be lying if I didn’t feel like the Great Dane named Norton feelings weren’t bubbling up again.

9. Not overloading myself. Stop and smell the roses. hahahaa. Okay. So I’m going to put it the way a dear friend did recently “( House^2 ) * ( Job + Trying to have Social Life ) = Lesley is STRESSED TO THA MAX!” I’m trying to not be honestly, and I think I’m doing a pretty stellar job. Taking space and time to get used to these new stressors, breathing and most importantly, smiling and enjoying life anyway.


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