Set the Battle Scene

Okay kids! Time to tie on a cute apron and get to being a dutiful Pilgrim! So…it all starts off with a great dutch oven. I mean, as soon as a cold snap hits this thing “whams” its way onto my burners faster than I can blink at a pair of those perfect over-the-knee boots that just went on pre-season sale at Nordstroms….that said, I love my dutch oven, it’s great from oven to stove to table and back again. I highly suggest using it for a great casserole or perhaps your turkey stew the next day!

Of course…it’s all about the tryptophan…and since it rhyme close enough…it’s all about the turkey pan. Make sure yours is heavy and sturdy – let’s not talk about the one I tried using in college when I got a wild hair in October to make Thanksgiving…anyone remember when the Bupkisses’ dogs ate the turkey in A Christmas Story? Yeah. Me too.

Every year there are those things that you “have to have”…and for me, the relish tray that my mom has done since…well, before my time…has made the table. The lovely 1950’s blend of celery and cream cheese, olives and peppers always seems to make it’s way out…despite my urges to do a new spin….I mean, who wouldn’t want to pick up this cheese board and really let a gouda or havarti a lovely starter instead?

Okay, so every year I always think…wouldn’t a soup feel formal and lovely at my Thanksgiving table? That thought is immediately followed by….do I really want to slow down my stroll (read: sprint!) into eating homemade macaroni cheese? That said, I felt like if I ever could show restraint towards the yellowy carby goodness (read…ain’t.gonna.happen.), I would use this beautiful soup tureen. But if I wanted to multitask an object, how about take some tips from Martha Stewart and create one of these

beautiful arrangements using the unused stew vessel instead?

So…getting to the table you say? Finally sitting down and face planting into my mom’s famous twice baked mashed potato goodness? Absolutely. Rest assured, before I sit down, my wine glass has already been used, but at least it fits effortlessly into a modern table with hints of brown and pewter for that “I’m still a Pilgrim way back in the day” flair…you know, before raped and pillaged our brethren, we at least passed the green bean casserole. I loved this hammered flatware, keeps with that historical tradition and I thought this charger and this set of dishes would round out a more “yesteryear” look. But, given that sometimes the cost of food runs us high, and some of us are starting out, I really liked how you could feed many people all in one set of dishes. The classic white means you can mix and match your accessories year round.

So, now you’re belly is all full and you’re bloated and well…What? More to eat? Got that right. For me, I’ll happy serve up some gelato with this perfectly classic ice cream scoop. I know, I know, pumpkin pie is king, and goodness knows my family recipe is best…fight me later on this people…but…that said…I kinda think the idea of ice cream in Texas, just….”goes.”

However you choose to celebrate this week – plain or fancy, simple or complex…I am thankful that you’re reading, and I hope you are thankful for where you are.


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