Falling into Fashion

It’s finally fall. And what are you soooo excited to rip out of the closet that a hanger being ever-so-slightly still in the piece of clothing doesn’t deter you from running out the door screaming “Look at me! I’m so flippin’ cute!” ? I personally can’t wait for scarves and boots and flannel OH MY! I picked a few favorites thus far this year and hope you enjoy them!

Let’s start with this purse. It’s classic. Timeless. Ain’t never gonna leave my mind. That said, it’s Christmas people, and a girl can dream. Okay, and then there’s those girls, the kind I can definitely shop with…who like a bargain! And for me, this weekender is a great piece to have through the holidays when you want to whisk your loved one away for a well deserved mental break. (Freudian suggestion anyone? 😉 )

But, that said, while I’m still kickin’ it at the office, these oxblood heels are a great way to take this lovely richly red trend and make it happen. If I can’t make these work with something then surely the basics of fall, my ever present fancy boots needs will prevail. A nice carry over from last year still prevails, the fringed bootie is something I don’t personally yet own, but combined with my fall staple and jeans substitute – leggings– I think I could pull the off without screaming “Pocahontas”.

That said, my favorite fall accessory continues to be the fancy scarf that dresses up just about any outfit from blah to “FALL FABULOUS!”…this shimmery version makes me happy from day to dinner! That said, my fashion thoughts turned to something that has a bit of oxy moron….these plaid shorts are now hanging in my closet. Shorts you say? People, I’m from Texas. We still get weather where I can pull this off with a great boyfriend blazer. But if the weather does turn snuggly and sweater-y….this cozy scarf reminded me of those great vintage collegiate blankets, and felt like I could find myself in the park for a great date. As if that weren’t stinkin’ cute enough…and as if they didn’t get enough of my paycheck, Target had this cloche hat on it’s shelves the other day….I resisted for now…I had errands people!…but as Arnie Schwarzenegger put it…I’ll be back.

So to finally sink into lovely wintery nights out and feed my needs for movie-like romantic interludes…this cozy sweater dress fit the bill. It’s a great basic, add tights, add heels or boots, add a scarf. The possibilities are endless for this wintry staple. On a budget after buying all the wedges of that cheese for your in-laws’ gathering? Try this mod dress which keeps your checkbook in line and is still nice to a Thanksgiving meal. That said, if you’re family is more like mine, perhaps you’re just going to have to succumb (ha! Like it’s hard!) to flannel.

Okay, okay I’m a girl. And I’m one who would love a fall wedding. Recently I saw a posting from A Cup fo Joe about cardigans over wedding dresses. Who wouldn’t love this embellished sweater over this lovely

wedding dress. The little petals on the dress reminded me of the lovely fall leaves. The sparkly sweater screams wedding for me…and trust me, I’m that girl who’s cold when it’s 72 degrees out…this would be a winner for me!

But more into reality, let’s talk about what I’d love to wear this season. My holiday dress. OOH. Something I love going shopping for every year. This green screams Christmas party, and given my favorite Italian girls are throwing a hat party, perhaps this will make the rounds a little merrier!! It’s a lovely vintage feel with a perfect lady like appeal.

Happy fall, let’s get to dazzling!


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