What I’d Wished I’d Known

What I’d Wish I’d Known, by Nora Ephron….had a lovely excerpt in Real Simple this month…..is a short and very cute and cheeky list of her advice. In the same vein, I thought I’d do my own version of the list…for the sake of sharing what I’ve got thus far in my third of a century livin’ in this big wide world.

Ask for help. Delegate even.
Always ask both: What time does it start? What time will you actually get there?
Clarify the time zone.
Never assume.
Wait a month, it’ll be on clearance.
Let him lead, the dance will be better.
Listen to both sides.
Try not to snap. Apologize when you do.
Do not eat an entire package of dried apricots.
Wear clothes that you want to wear, when you want to wear them.
Talk to strangers, you never know.
Wear oven mitts. Apron too.
Live big.
Speak kindly of people.
Keep your mind open.
Always check if it’s salt or sugar.
Behavior begets attitude, not vice versa.
Bike rides on fall days rock.
Dance like no one’s watching.
Don’t be afraid of what other’s think.
Never underestimate the power of red shoes.
You can do anything – if you believe.
Feed others and have more chairs handy.
Remember you never know what sort of day they’ve had.
Random acts of kindness should be required.
Enjoy the rain.
Take photos, all the time.
Don’t lament, follow the dream.
Learn odd talents: pickling, quilting and how to play violin.
Indulge in your bliss.
Hot baths with Mr. Bubble.
Stop and smell the coffee.
Make New Years Resolutions.
Read and learn and dream.
Live your passions.
Collect something.
Say "I love you", often.
Don’t miss a moment. for anything.
The road not traveled: take it.
Check your facts.
Read Pablo Neruda. Shakespeare. Shel Silverstein.
Know your elevator speech.
Love yourself.
Live your life, not your parents, partners, or friends.
Take advice. Or don’t.


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