Resolution Check: December & DONE!

Resolution Check: December

HERE WE ARE…the end of the road! I did it! I did it! Okay, mostly did it!

1. B+: Write one song as inspired by a letter I received last year. I wrote one song. So if I’m getting technical, I wrote the words. And sometimes, that’s the best part. I mean, I had delusions of grandeur that some Adele like video from inside my house of me playing piano, guitar, *insert cool instrument* here and actual singing voice would emerge into instant YouTube viral hit of the century…but. I wrote the song.

2. C: Complete one set of hats that I’ve promised, supplies in hand. Hmm. Still falling a little short. But still making progress. A few great ones this year and even more good pressure to keep on going with many blues and swing dancing events coming up! Get out that retro vibe, turn on the music and get to creating. I’ve set aside an entire month to get on some of this. So it’s still here…just a day at a time!

3. A+: Complete one pair of heels that I’ve got in mind. See my upcoming 5 Simple Things post for December! These babies are awesome! So happy with editing the idea, thinking about what I could actually do (again, back to delusions of grandeur and skill!) and what would work. So very happy!

4. A-: Complete my novel and don’t let it get past me again. So my personal novel will be postponed to January 2013. But, you’d be proud of me virtual friends, I actually finished my cookbook and am in the editing stages. So win one for me. I’ve placed huge markers on my calendar for the rest of the year to clean up the projects that I have already on my plate!! Now here’s to hoping Santa (or me) pick up that 90 days til a novel for 2014!

5. D: Tone my body more by taking on different exercises – does dislocating one’s shoulder count as “shaping” attempts? Okay. So relatively complete fail on this goal this year. It’s been such a whirlwind. Then for extra fun my insurance decided it would be $500 to get an MRI. Um, no. Google, dislocated shoulder therapy. Giving this a bit more of a try, and guess what…side benefits – toning my arms!

6. A+ and bonus points for not thinking this would happen! : Take a trip – I’ll see you after the trip. Can’t wait to share!

7. B+: Continue to build confidence – every day. I think this is an up and down project for the rest of my life. That said, I’m doing pretty darn good at making my life happen. I need to perhaps focus on what I want more than what I want other people to want from me. (does that make sense?)…I have made some pretty bold plans for next year – living by what I am ready to introduce into my life, not being fearful of what others “warn” me of. No, this doesn’t mean I’m taking up anything dangerous, it just means that I have heartstrings being pulled to do things, and it’s time I start listening to their music.

8. A+: Spend more time with Alice & Ralph – totally conquered this. A+! I feel like I have a bond with my animals more! Okay, people…(with children…you know.)….these are my kids. And the idea that my dog comes and snuggles up more often and my bunny allows me to hug her (okay, you don’t know my rabbit, this is EPIC. She’s mean!) and even to the point where my dog fears me when I do scold him. These are all wins in my book. Fuzzy kid parenting 2012 = win.

9. A: Not overloading myself. Stop and smell the roses. So in my list making, planning sort of way, I’ve bought myself an old fashioned, paper! (gasp!), teachers calendar and plotted out a few things. Events for next year. Crafts that took pitfalls this year simply because of time. Great dane time next year. I’m excited, I’m ready to leave 2013 with a feeling of crossed off items and a boatload of memories to go with them!

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  1. “Fuzzy Kid Parenting”… that should be the name of a book… if it already isn’t.

    I wish you luck in the next year and continuing forward in setting and keeping deadlines for your dreams (read: goals).

    There is a lot of “DO” in you and very little “DON’T” so my money is on you winning the day!

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