2013 Resolution Check: Set up!

So….2013, here you come. I’m going to set aside the more macabre side of the number 13 and say it’s gonna be a great year! There’s nothing but good things ahead – claiming that right now! Looking for lots of smiles. So happy to have clubs and families and friends and activities planned each month (already!) that make me have face time with the people that I love. Here we go 2013, watch out…you’re conquered!

  1. 1. It’s that time of year again, to reassess my work out plan and see what is and isn’t working for me….and lately I’ve been watching reruns of Lost (nothing is on during the holidays!?!) and I want arms like Evangeline Lilly. Sure, I’m guessing if I were eating fruit from trees and having to pull my weight in an island community after a plane crash, then fine…I might have better arms too. But, who’s to say we can’t just put a little routine to the test?
  2. 2. Instead of just keeping my one sentence journal, I’m thinking that 2013 is going to be a banner year for me – positive thinking and all – and I’m going to keep a full on journal to make sure that my days are recorded, I want to print it at the end of the year….it makes me wonder what anthropologists want to know about 100’s of years from now, since we got through that whole Mayan end of the world thing and all.
  3. 3. I want to pull back out my Rosetta Stone: Italian and tackle it. I want to go back to Italy, despite a trip for Paris in the works, and I want to speak even more. I want to go to more remote places of Tuscany, the places where catering to Americans isn’t going to happen, and much less English and meet new friends.
  4. 4. Okay, so…here comes the expenditure and bucket list category. I want a Great Dane. Yep. A male Great Dane named Norton. (I have Ralph. I have Alice…if you’re a Honeymooners fan, you should have seen where this was going.)….so, like this shirt, yes, I know what that entails. Is Ralph ready for it? Sure, I think he could use a big friend. Is Alice prepared? Sure, she knows she’s the top attitude in the house. Am I? I don’t know, but I know that if I don’t, I will regret it later on, and I will not do that anymore.
  5. 5. My Photography is going to make a comeback. I’m unsure why the camera wasn’t pulled out as much in 2012. I think because I didn’t make the time for it? Or I wanted to experience more events and less behind the lens of them? What did I miss – I miss making images – so it’s time to pull out my good ol’ Canon and make good friends again.
  6. 6. With 34 years closing in fast, I think it’s time to set some goals about things to do before I’m 40. So this year I’ll be putting together a bucket list. It’s time to start thinking about the things I want to accomplish and if they require more time than these resolutions will hold, determine what it’s going to take for me to succeed.
  7. 7. Finally, after all those things…it’s time to relax and be independent. I’ve already gotten my 2013 schedule written out, and I’m making nights to myself a priority. Recently a friend reminded me that I need to delegate and ask for help when I need it. So this year, I’m taking back some nights for me. Whatever that means – yoga, sleeping, breathing, staring at the wall. It’s my time and I’m going to find out how to enjoy the silence.

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