A few things to be thankful for in 2012

So I didn’t hit every resolution on the head, but sometimes, the best memories and accomplishments are those that we racked up when either, they weren’t intended, they got done a little early, or…we didn’t realize that we’d ever get to do that.

Despite November being FAR, FAR Away (I miss my starches already….)…I thought I’d be thankful for the nice little list of things that 2012 took off my bucket list…
I wrote 2 kids books, one of which my extremely talented sister illustrated.
I got a new job at Cameron continuing to do what I love.
I met an amazing work family at Champion and made some great new friends.
I scored my 1st (okay, officially it was the tail end of 2011)…and 2nd offices…with doors. 
I saw Oxford, Mississippi.
I spoke to an executive leadership team, sold an idea, got buy in, continued support and saw success of an awesome marketing plan.
Along with an amazing set of friends, we buried and cooked a pig in the ground, and did it well!
I scored an amazing red-carpet designer dress on sale.
I sang karaoke. No comment. But it was a bucket list item.
I, along with a great analyst friend, started a marketing, oil and gas, catch-all happy hour that’s become pretty great.
I was inducted into NOMADS, a wonderful oil and gas society.
So those are just a few. I know there is more than that.  I know I have a ton of daily, simple, things that I have to be blessed for. But for now, these make the scratched off and added to “did that!” list. Here we go 2013!!

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  1. Wow, you’ve accomplished more things that any girl I know… by the way, didn’t hear you mention children’s book… anywhere to take a peek?

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