RePost: One of My Favorite Books, New Angle

I recently came across this article from The Kitchn. They were highlighting food books that aren’t cookbooks, but literature. Always looking for a good read, I noticed that they had this great moment from my all-time favorite book – A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Wait. You haven’t read it? Get to your store. Pronto. Call me. I have extras..I think..somewhere.

Anyhoosies, it made me want to pick up the novel again, but also realized how much food weaves in and out of our lives and doesn’t get the spotlight sometimes. This was a great moment, and now I want some ground round, and a good book.

Neeley came home and he and Francie were sent out for the weekend meat. This was an important ritual and called for detailed instructions by Mama.

“Get a five-cent soup bone off of Hassler’s. But don’t get the chopped meat there. Go to Werner’s for that. Get round steak chopped, ten cents’ worth, and don’t let him give it to you off the plate. Take an onion with you, too.”

Francie and her brother stood at the counter a long time before the butcher noticed them.

“What’s yours?” he asked finally.

Francie started the negotiations. “Ten cents’ worth of round steak.”

Weekend Meditation: From My Childhood | The Kitchn.


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