RePost: Design*Sponge: Museum Day

I am going to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston this weekend to see the new Picasso display. This great article from Design*Sponge really made me think about a new way to see a museum.

I love the museum, I even love finding something more quirky or fun to wear just to make it feel special. There’s something to being around all of that creative genius that makes me incredibly happy. I guess jeans and a tee aren’t enough for me.

So here’s to it almost being Friday, and enjoying a great experience in your neck of the woods.


Aside from the obvious viewing of interesting/beautiful/obscure/strange objects and art, a museum day, for me anyway, is about tying in related activities that create one big fun package. Here’s an example:

Artist Afternoon:

Pick a museum and theme (e.g., the Met, Impressionists).

Plan a meal option based on that choice. (For the Impressionists, how about a French bistro brunch?)

Bring activities to match. (For the Impressionists, you could bring portable watercolor kits and a notepad to use inside the museum.)

Based on your findings at the museum, plan an extra activity. (Inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies, you could check out a local garden or plant nursery to see what inspired those paintings.)

Document your day with photos and put them in a scrapbook, using digital frame borders so it feels like a tiny museum.

via Get out of the House: Museum Day & Ticket Giveaway | Design*Sponge.


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