RePost: Green Onion, Bacon and Cheddar Waffles | Heather Christo Cooks

The below is a post from one of my favorite blogs, Heather Christo Cooks. She’s generally genius in my book. Her Salmon Chowder blew me and my family away. My mom who doesn’t even like fishy fish in any sort came back to the pot for a second bowl….despite her skepticism when I said “fish soup” was on the menu.

In her post today, she made mention of “breakfast for dinner” something that my own mom and I are fans of. My mom is found eating toast or eggs at any point of the day. Soft boiled, fried, scrambled, egg salad, it’s everywhere.

That said, I normally cite some good “dinner dishes” when I’m asked what my favorite food is. But what reality dictates, is breakfast…I adore breakfast. Tomorrow morning I’m going to the museum, and before that we’re hitting a historic Houston “landmark” of breakfast…The Breakfast Klub. More pics soon.

Have a great weekend. xoxo


I absolutely love “breakfast for dinner”. There is something wonderful and nostalgic to me about it. Something that my mom used to make for us on an occasional night. And I am just feeling tired and sentimental, so this was the perfect thing.

via Green Onion, Bacon and Cheddar Waffles | Heather Christo Cooks.


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