RePost: The City Sage: Operation: Take Back the Weekend

I read the below snippet from the The City Sage blog and couldn’t agree more. Part of my resolutions this year are to slow down and breathe and relax, and clearly I’m just doing-going-doing and filling it right back up. So, here’s my “deal” internet friends, I’m going to try and stop doing that! How do you deal with feeling you have stuff “to do” and trying to relax?


Here’s the deal. I’m extremely uncomfortable with unstructured time. The thought of sitting around with a cup of coffee and no particular place to go? Makes. My. Skin. Crawl. On the rare occasions when I would step away from my laptop, I’d take an exercise class, cook a quick meal, tick items off my to-do list. I thought I was creating space for relaxation. Retrospectively I was filling it right back up again, rather than letting serendipity seep in—or heaven forbid, allowing it to remain empty.

via The City Sage: Operation: Take Back the Weekend.


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