RePost: Could you do it? | BBC News – How to get along for 500 days alone together

I had a pretty life changing weekend. It’s these sort of moments that define how life is going to turn out. My heart is jumping, my sense of hope and optimism is off the charts, and yet, my common sense and “groundedness” are still about me.

I love reading about couples like these, who work together and understand. Having relationships take work – love, friends, family, what-have-you. It’s these inspiring stories and thoughts that keep us trying.


The second important rule, is that showing care benefits both.We believe this to the point that it is built into our daily routine – we alternate cooking days. Each day’s food becomes a present to our partner. We try to surprise the other with new dishes. There’s a prize to be won – the other person’s admiration.

via BBC News – How to get along for 500 days alone together.


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