Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

I like different clothes. Different different. I like high low skirts, I adore this 40s esque Bettie Page feeling I’m rocking right now. I love a good sundress with boho accessories. Fringe boots? Sign me up. Latley I’ve been less than enamored when I walk into stores and am bombarded with large racks of what I like to consider – 80s clothes. I was born in 1979, this splatter paint, jelly wearin’, off the shoulder acid washed my brain into oblivion. I mean, these were the years my mom dressed me. I wasn’t into fashion then, and I wouldn’t go back there now. I got some hope last week when I was sent this article…are my beloved overall, Doc Marten, plaid and babydoll dress wearing days returning? One can only hope. That said, I’ve always been one to have fun, not color between the lines.

My newest purchases has been these breeches from one of my favorite places to suck the hours of my life away… Etsy. (I was on for 20 minutes…oh 2 hours? Oh. Bye bye Sunday.) I’m loving that they’re a little vintage-y, with the slouchiness of a day spent doing whimsical things – zoo, museum browsing, day dreaming on a picnic blanket with a good book, you know, things I should be doing…instead of sweeping.

I would buy it in a minute, this little graphical wonder Chevron dress from the teen-fave store Agaci. Yes, I shop there. Yes, I’m in my mid-30s. I think some (read: most) of the clothes there aren’t good for me to wear, just to keep my respect and wits about me readers…but there are little gems that you can go in an find and with a little cardigan, or leggings, it becomes adult-appropriate. That said, put DOWN the mint green studded shirt with flapper fringe, you are not 19.

I’m loving this wild take on a hot feminine trend. This great leopard print high low dress from Forever 21 displays again that little diamond in the rough quality of them “younger whippersnapper” stores. I think with a great red belt, red shows and clutch, this would be a fantastic date dress.

That said, I may be crossing into the forbidden territory with this pick. This shirt as a dress from Agaci caught my eye as well. I want to put leggings with it. But really what I’d like is the thighs (dear workouts, help!) to wear this with roughed up boots and a fringe brown purse. Something a little off the beaten path, but still cozy for a Sunday brunch.

While I’m not a make up junkie, and would love to be, I recently got turned on to this wonderful new Garnier BB Cream. Everyone seems to be turning out the BB cream in their lines lately, I’m a big fan of garnier’s corrective creams, so this really was a hit. It’s a larger bottle than normal cosmetics (which means the price tag didn’t shock for the value!) and it was nice to have a color that blends so absolutely perfectly without leaving the little lines in my worry….dents. I don’t have wrinkles, I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about.

For work, I enjoyed trying out this new peplum trend with this polka dot peplum top from Forever 21. Again, dots keep it a little fun while not going crazy overboard in this conservative world that I’m living in.

Okay, back to the hair and makeup world one more time. I recently got a hair cut, much needed thank you Christine my new lady….I have super long hair, and it was all one length. Like a 12 year old. And it needed oomph. My last hair lady decided to go back to college – score 1 for smart people workforce, score 0 for me who finally had her first regular hair lady. But I continue, after I finally took the plunge and found a good and new hair person, I picked up this hair wand from Target. I was a little perturbed at first with the conic end and the lack of a hair “clip” to keep hair securely in, but after a few tries, I’m getting consistently good and lasting spirals, yay me!

I am really loving my new go-to maxi skirt from the mecca of where my money goes, Target. I see this with a white tank and some really nifty boho sandals, perhaps with a few dressy hoop earrings to a casual patio luncheon when the sun finally shows it’s face. It’s super soft cotton makes me feel like I’m wearing pj’s every where I go, and it’s light enough to not allow that crazy awkward leg sticking moment when you sit down for too long.

Okay, so when I finally win the lottery, I’m going to own this whole look and wear it to a perfect stain free picnic in the park. I mean, who doesn’t love the classics, and these colors just scream great event – bright and contrasting while remaining that classic navy background, I’m in love.

Finally, I’ve been trolling for new jeans. I know, tell me about it. How hard is it to find jeans that work for casual Friday. Or club Saturday? I mean, I can find plenty of “work around the house” jeans, but nothing that makes me feel like the boss of the runway. These dungarees might just be my new way to say jeans. Hello vintage heaven. I love their wide leg styling and the little touches of 1940s just say hello to me. They aren’t those jeans I’m looking for just yet, as they aren’t the classic shape, but I love how much I can make a cool look to some of our swing dancing events in them. Super fun.

So here’s to hoping the 90s return a bit, leave me mint green cropped jean floral prints that have odd cuts and no feminine shape. I want my cool stuff back….I can’t wait to shop again…and find more than a few so-so items.

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