Resolution Check: March!

Hello lovies. Here we go 2013, watch out…you’re conquered!

It’s that time of year again, to reassess my plan and see what is and isn’t working for me….

1. I want arms like Evangeline Lilly. When something isn’t working, shake it up. So I brought my arm weights to work. In my attempts to ever multitask, I’m now doing my arm weights whilst on the elliptical watching The Office reruns on Netflix. Yay, step one. Got it started, and that’s half the battle.

2. 2013 Journal – Still going strong on this. I’m actually looking forward to opening up my document every morning and letting it all hang out. Getting braver and writing those things out that bother me, that I’m afraid of, and that I’m hopeful for. It’s becoming a constant area to vent and let go, to let the mind wander. I’m loving this, and may make it a permanent routine in my life.

3. I want to pull back out my Rosetta Stone: Italian and tackle it. I got the cable that will let my laptop stream to my tv…then I got the disc drive, so that my laptop (That is driveless! WTF?) read the Rosetta stone tv. Now I want a bowl of gnocchi and a free afternoon.

4. I want a Great Dane. I got to meet Penny this month. Who’s the happiest me there can be? Her dad is a whopping 200 pounder, her mom is a dainty-for-a-dane beauty and then, then I got Penny in my arms. She makes clucking/growly noises like a rooster about to crow. She has a perfect spot in the center of her nose and the blue eyes. Oh. The blue eyes. I’m so ready now. SO READY.

5. My Photography is going to make a comeback. I’ve started taking my camera with me everywhere, even a small one. I’m getting more photos of the memories I scrapbook. That said, I’ve not spent a lot of time with the big camera. Perhaps Easter weekend will allow for some casual fun.

6. A+: Complete! With 34 years closing in fast, I think it’s time to set some goals about things to do before I’m 40. So the current list looks something like this: Marry. Have one kid. Get a great dane. See Paris. Finish one fiction novel. Learn violin again. Learn one great song on the piano. Start one large public singalong. Write my younger years memoirs for my kid to read. See Seattle. See Scotland. Sell the hats I make on Etsy. Strut one catwalk. There’s other things, but by 40, this is doable…I hope! List hasn’t changed. I think this resolution can be marked DONE-O.

7. Finally, after all those things…it’s time to relax and be independent. I spent a few weekends recently on my solo. Getting errands done, cooking, washing laundry, the usual. I had a wonderful time being able to accomplish a few personal items without taking up anyone’s time. It made me feel really great. The weather is finnnnallllly starting to cooperate here, and I’m enjoying being out in it. When Penny gets here, I see that picnicking will soon become our family’s favorite “sport”…watch out sunshine, we’re coming to play!


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