RePost | Single Dad Laughing: The Disease Called “Perfection”

This RePost borders on the more serious of what I am comfortable with posting. I’d like to think of my blog as a happy place, but this message was so strong, so true and so challenging.

Let’s start to challenge ourselves to accept our flaws, and more importantly accept (and LOVE!) other people’s flaws. We are all human, we all make mistakes, we all live slightly (or not-so-slightly) crazed versions of what Norman Rockwell painted pictures of. Let’s start to understand and accept each other rather than join the rat race to the Land of Perfection.

Kudos Dan for writing this and saying out loud that which I should practice far more than I do.

As an act of faith and hopefully a start to other “confessions”…I haven’t been perfect in the past 24 hours..(gasp! i know.)

1. I snapped at someone I love dearly because they weren’t talking enough on the phone.

2. Despite whining about my weight lately, I ate half a chocolate bar last night.

3. I mentally chastised my mother when she couldn’t commit to an event more than a month away when I really should just let things roll and if she doesn’t want to go…that’s fine too.

4. I yelled at Ralph for playing with his toys before bed and not being a good puppy when all he wanted was a friend.

5. I thought of some ebay things I’d like to have as impulse buys, even though I have totally given up this sort of shopping.

Those aren’t life changing admissions, but they are small, and changing my mindset about any one or all of them would have given me a happier and smarter and more “perfect” day.  I hope you have a few things you can work on, it’ll make me feel a little less than perfect…and a little more like everyone else.

xoxo LA


Be bold about your weaknesses and you will change people’s lives. Be honest about who you actually are, and others will begin to be their actual selves around you. Once you cure yourself of the disease, others will come to you, asking if they can just “talk.” People are desperate to talk. Some of the most “perfect” people around you will tell you of some of the greatest struggles going on. Some of the most “perfect” people around you will break down in tears as they tell you how difficult life is for them. Turns out some of the most “perfect” people around us are human beings after all, and are dying to talk to another human being about it.

via The Disease Called “Perfection”.


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