Getting to Know Me

My life in three bullet points:

  • One day I want to be CEO, who pays it forward.
  • I’m good people, you be good people do.
  • Cook. Photograph. Write. Draw. Love. Create.

The kitchen I grew up eating in was… always found with a meal on the table.

When I was a child I wanted to be a Lion Tamer. And then President of the United States.

If I was stuck on a desert island, the food I’d make sure to have with me is spaghetti and meatballs.

A great friend is someone who’s giving the shirt off their back to someone who doesn’t necessarily deserve it, but needs it more than they do.

Secret weapon in the kitchen is a the wonderful “Change your Life” whisk from Sur La Table

Turning point in my life was the day I created the economic modeling formula for an oil and gas company. (I’m still a big nerd and love it.)

My ideal breakfast is Eggs Benedict, or a Chive Cream Cheese schmeared Onion Bagel.

My ideal dinner is a good plate of pasta Bolognese.

I stay healthy by… Elliptical. Elliptical. Elliptical.

Without my ambition, I’d get little done.

You wouldn’t know it but I am very good at dancing. (despite my love of falling down stairs…”love”….is used liberally there.)

You wouldn’t know it but I’m no good at musical instruments with strings. I try like mad, I cannot do this.

My favorite item of clothing any evening dress. But I love my Tadashi Shoji

I drive a Mini Countryman named Stewart. Green with White Stripes.

My house is neat and organized until I hit the kitchen with time on my hands.

A book that changed me Eat. Pray. Love. Right behind that…The Happiness Project.

A cup of coffee is sometimes needed just for the smell.

Best restaurant meal I’ve had in past 12 months is Up Restaurant’s Chicken and Waffles night.

[delay + 9 days]


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