Penny Layne is in my Ears & in my Eyes

30429As a part of my resolutions and a long time bucket list item, I have purchased a Great Dane. I was reminded by a friend that this dream had stuck with me for 15 years. I wrote this post about anticipating her…and since then, I’ve noticed that I talk way too much about my new addition. So what better way to talk about the progress of my latest fuzzy baby? Hi blog readers!

Penny had a rough start at the house. When I received her, I noticed right away that her little legs were bending forward in the front. Called knuckling, it’s a common large-breed problem, usually caused by diet. Tearfully, I sent her back to the breeder at the breeder’s request for a week, and poof! Penny became better. I’m happy to report, since then, I’ve had her for three weeks and not a sign of knuckling has returned. I have one strong puppy – both in body…and spirit.

Speaking of strong willed and growing strength, Penny hid under the bed on a recent morning. She “knows” when I tell Ralph to kennel that it’s almost time for her to be put in “the cage of imminent death” (or to humans, “her kennel”)…’s probably the only time this will happen in her quickly growing life, I had to drag the dog out from UNDER THE BED. I mean, how do you say “Hi friends, I’m a little late to breakfast, because…um….I had a GREAT DANE, stuck UNDER THE BED.”  *Raises hand*

Potty training has been a breeze compared to Ralph the chihuahua. Where I understood his bladder was the size of a gnat, Penny is much bigger and already pretty great at telling me when she needs to go outside. Clearly, I’m just not as receptive as I should be. Sometimes I don’t catch the sign, and find her lying on the floor giving me “I’m so sorry Mama” eyes next to a yellow-tinged pool by the back door.”…I feel horrible. But that said, I’m seeing improvements weekly – in both her and my communication efforts. Gosh does that sound high brow for a dog owner, sorry, but you get me.

Other than that, she’s fairly laid back. She loves hanging out on the floor in the kitchen while I cook. She’s recently learned that treats for going “outside” are the best thing since…sliced bacon. (Dogs don’t like bread.) I’m very happy to report that R30503 head 17alph and her are getting along royally, and Ralph is barking her huge ears off.

She is currently 17 inches tall at the head, 13 at the shoulder. and a stealthy 20 lbs. It’s time for a weigh in and measure this weekend, it’s scary-fun when you can actually tell she’s grown over a week.  You know what they say – go big or go home. And we are!


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