RePost: Who’s the Photographer in Your House?–


I am! I am! But I totally agree with her line: “You would never know I’d actually attended the festivities.”…unless it was perhaps, my birthday or something else that was personally my event. I don’t like feeling that way, perhaps it’s part of why I’m not picking up the camera as much, because I feel like I live my life behind the lens, rather than just enjoying it sans camera.

For those of you who follow me, you know that I love photography, and want to do more of it.  But that said, I need to learn how to find balance, and share the snapping fun.


Who's The Photographer In Your House?

My dad is an amazing photographer, and thanks to him there are decades’ worth of gorgeous, priceless photos of my extended family.. but only a few of him. I seem to be repeating that pattern: I’m thrilled with the hundreds of shots I get of our holiday celebrations and vacations, but you would never know I’d actually attended the festivities. How do you thoroughly document your home life?


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