RePost: An Open Letter To Everyone Who Eats

I truly love this letter after another letter from It’s been making the rounds on the internet lately and I think it’s an amazing piece. All too often we, including me, are swept up in the latest diet craze.

Some of these work for us. Some of them don’t. Some of them are extreme. Some are long-term and safe. Some come through on their promises, and some just leave me craving spaghetti again, damn it.  Having lost 80 pounds on my journey 5 years ago, I know what sort of ups and downs and sideways days on the scale can do to the human psyche, or at least mine.

That said, what I’ve learned is something that this author puts so eloquently. She obviously comes from a “better background” to say it from, having been in the medical field and making this part of her career. I’m not here to weigh in what’s best for you, or what you should and shouldn’t do. But her article here is compelling in that she asks you to not judge, and to be open minded.

Paleo may not work for me. Whole30 may not being your bag. That’s ok. Please don’t get self righteous if I’m not willing to juice cleanse, or 30 day fast on nuts and seeds.  Let’s admit it, we can all have strong will power, and we can all cheat on a diet. We can only say we will “possibly” feel better without carbs, gluten, fat, red meats, proteins, dairy, or a combination thereof.

What I have learned, is what works for me, may not work for you. With food. With life. With choices. With everything. I want to hear about your choices, I’d love to have more open discussion about them, but do not judge, you aren’t in my shoes. I’m trying to love myself by whatever choices I make, and let you feel free to do so in your way.



Let’s be open-minded and inquisitive. Let’s be critical thinkers. Let’s keep learning. Let’s acknowledge that what works for us today may not work for us in six months or six years, and that what we believe to be a fact today may be proved a fallacy tomorrow. We’re constantly evolving and so is the information available to us.


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