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It’s funny when you’re potty training and things are going wrong…well, it’s not funny, it sucks. And you notice every.little.thing. But then, when all-0f-a-sudden, you’ve not had to clean off the floor in a solid week, and you do a small (BIG) happy dance, and go: “OH! She’s potty trained!”

This past week has been about chewing…chewing…chewing. OMAWURD. Chewing. So much so that my car now has 6 LARGE bones in it. Because not only is Penny chewing, but Ralph is chewing with her, and yes, instead of her “delicate nature” being harmed, he helps to carry these bones up and down the stairs to the bedroom…for her. I’d like to think it was for her, it’s probably just him being selfish as he wants to chew on them. and no…just in case you think I’m being unfair, he doesn’t want “his size” bones…he ignores them!

50523She’s been laying near ants lately, and even shoved her nose into an ant pile. She seems not too bothered by a bite or two, thank goodness, but it scared the heck out of me for a minute!

She’s wolfing down food like a madwoman, and I’m loving that she seems to really be losing her ADHD for eating. Now she gets down to business, then goes outside, gets down to business, and then we’re having fun for the evening.

I’m looking forward to getting her 16 week shots this weekend – okay “looking forward” isn’t the term, but at least she’ll have her rabies done PLUS getting to start taking her more into public without having her “susceptible” to anything. Plus, a lot of our outdoor restaurants ask that they be “of a certain age”…additionally, I’ll get a feel for when we can spay and get her gastropexy surgery, so that bloat isn’t much of an issue, she seems to get hiccups, and while I’m not fraught with anxiety, it makes me wonder with all of her voracious eating, how it could be an issue one day.

That said, she’s been a joy, and so very smart. She has a puppy streak in her right now, and I think with time, she’ll mellow out even more than she does. She wants attention, but she’s definitely starting to be okay with being alone, and for the most part, isn’t getting into trouble. Amen for that, I have a great little puppy.


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