RePost: How to Really Enjoy a Day Off

I have one of these this Saturday – a very quiet day ahead of me. I’ve actually made some fun plans, to do the crafts and things I continue to tell myself I’m going to “get around to”. This article, in it’s wonderful simplicity, screamed at me when I read it. I needed this little message from the Interwebs to remind me to slow.down.


How To Really Enjoy a Day Off

“A day off is a gift and in today’s hard-working world, a thing to be savored. For some of us, that means a recuperating and revitalizing opportunity – a day without any goals beyond recharging batteries. For others, the idea of an “extra” day to accomplish a home-based goal, whether crafting, cleaning, decorating or renovating is simply too good to let pass by. Whichever is your preference, jump below for sample “plans” that hopefully will inspire you to spend the day ahead in the best way possible – for you…”


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