Penny’s From Heaven


So many things going on as we round the bases. We started Puppy Class. It’s been going Penn Logopretty well. I was a little concerned at first since she isn’t very treat motivated.  She didn’t notice the shots and wasn’t afraid at the vet – the vet says that Danes are usually very shaky. So that’s good on me. I don’t feel as pensive making her appointment for her stomach tacking and spaying. Only a few more weeks away and all of our major vet work will be done and gone. Amen.

Over the weekend we went to our first vet visit (post-breeder’s of course) and she did wonderfully.  They even had treats that she went wild for, and I picked up a bag. Of course, upon arriving home, I also figured out she’s very motivated just for bits of her own regular food. I don’t care, whatever works when we arrive to class on Thursday. Homework is going well, I tested her “forgetfulness” this AM when I asked her to sit and did the hand motion, and she immediately sat, even without a piece of food in my hand. Swhew.

We did have a few small accidents during my nap over the weekend. I can’t help but oscillate between feeling some failure in our potty training efforts. Or how sweet it was she IMG_4077didn’t use the doorbell to wake me up during my nap. Which wins? Either way, she’s back on the straight and narrow.

Crate training is even going a little better, less mess. I do have a divider on order just to hurry things along. Most guidebooks say it’s the pup’s year in months plus 1 and that’s how many hours they should be able to hold. She’s up to 4 months now, and is already doing a little longer. Good on her.

We had a great weekend of playing together. Still a bit of aggressive attitudes between both dogs, she’s mainly being a jumpy puppy…Ralph is being a bit of a macho old man. It’s okay, it will subside.  She’s chewing on …everything. Shoes. Shorts. Bones. Toys. The gauze on the bottom of the bed’s box spring. Heeeelp. Please teeth, hurry.image

She grew a little, and put on more weight. We played around a little on how we took pictures, so that first few weeks may have been us guessing a little. That said, still on the up and up and as the vet says “VERY HEALTHY!”…here’s to the second week of puppy class and good things to come!


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