A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

Penny is doing really well this past week. Not only did we go to Puppy Class and wow them Penn Logowith our ability to DROP IT (like it’s hot?) but to also sit and down like a champ. Despite these wins, she seems to still be going at it with all she has to get her teeth around ANYTHING that she shouldn’t. Oh well, I’ll take the small wins.

Additionally, we went out on our first dinner date in public. There were pets from small kids, large scale jenga game tumbles and plenty of distractions, and she took them all like a pro. Despite wanting to dig and chew on the plants, I’d say overall, her calm sensibility came through and she finally took respite under the table after the initial “OH WOW MA! LOOK AT THIS!” wore down.

I learned that for training class taking some of Ralph’s food helps. She’s definitely motivated by what she can’t have,a nd if kibble that costs me mere pennies works (versus crazy expensive vet treats) then by all means, let’s rock that mother out. Additionally, she seems to be doing very well at socializing, with both people and pets. She’s playful, submissive and happy, without wanting to pummel. Of course, her size does give her limits, she doesn’t understand that playing can turn into pummeling very quickly when your legs are huge.

Speaking of huge legs…she’s finally starting to run. Watching a Great Dane run was one of the first things I ever fell in love with. It may not be the ballet that a greyhound presents, but there’s something about those powerful limbs pressing to gain traction, and she’s getting good at her coordination – she’s flying up and downstairs, around corners and on the straight away. It’s lovely to see.image

I definitely saw a growth spurt this week. While the numbers don’t show big jumps, I definitely see the transition from puppy to adult coming along. She has her mom’s body and her dad’s “German/European” face, gorgeous Penny – you are loved.


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