5 Books I’ve Read and Suggest for Summer Reading

What are you reading this summer? I’ve read a few good ones, and a few not so good ones. Share with me a few titles so I can feel again the same thrill these 5 books gave me. Happy summer, happy beach reading and keep on the SPF!

1. The Hunger Games Trilogy – I didn’t think I’d be up for this one. Admittedly I bought this trilogy right after the Hunger Games movie was released and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. It’s a teen series, who wanted to question my age and read that? I suppose I did, because after a week, I had this whole story knocked out. Well written, well thought out and thought provoking, pick this one up – it makes you think that perhaps we can be better versions of ourselves and save the world. Find your Mockingjay.

2. The Hour I First Believed – Stunning book by one of my favorite authors, Wally Lamb. This particular book takes you through first person accounts of a teacher from Columbine, her husband, and the killers. A stunningly written detailed fictional account of the events makes you wonder if the news will ever satiate your need for a real story again. This takes you in the bowels of this horrid event and into the minds of the people who were there. Despite it’s fictional standpoint, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of poignant thought and tenacity that Lamb packs into his characters. Bravo.

3. Sybil – a classic. I’m not a horror or drama reader, but I definitely am amazed by real life events that are out of the norm. This classic tale of a girl with multiple personalities truly brings you into a world that you never thought possible. It’s bone chilling, despite the movie version’s overdramatic music and somewhat cheesy take – this book really delves into this twisted mental condition and shows you it’s triumphs and downfalls. It’s a long read, something about the journey of this one really makes me grateful for my own sanity.

4. Lunch in Paris – a wonderful tale of a girl, food and love. An easy read and something that lifts your spirits. An American woman makes her way into the French culture, showing her own insecurities and wrestling with the change from the American lifestyle. I love how open this book is, yet maintains the classic love story. She throws caution to the wind, finds love, quells her fears of missing home and succeeds – leaving the reader wanting to book a flight almost immediately. (Or at least next year when I finally get to go!)

5.  The Worry Cure – While I’m not one for self help books, I am a worrier. I picked this up off of Amazon after it suggested it most on a search. I think it’s one of the most self exploratory books about how and why we worry. It’s helped me immensely to relax and understand where my worry comes from and how to calm it. Don’t consider yourself crazy, or at least not in the “normal” way ha ha, but this is definitely a read for those folks who need a little more to relax about. 


Happy Reading!


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