RePost: I love a good lunch | Lovely Lady Lunch (check it out)–Take a Megabite

I always love a good girl party. Getting together, hashing out the latest issues and new tv episodes and getting the latest on who’s where and tackling what.  That said, all too often lately, I’ve been having my “girl parties” via email – catching up with people.

Seeing a post like this one from Take a Megabite, makes me think that I really need to take the time and throw a fabulous party.  A spread like this, light but with those lovely indulgences spotting here at there, reminded me also of this amazing breakfast done by the Wednesday Chef.

It’s these sorts of spreads that make me realize that party throwing is completely possible and does not have to be a huge effort in and out of the kitchen. I need to call together my good friends, lay out some nibbles, and get to gabbing.


We ended the night talk of Mad Men and cake as the sun went down.


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