5 Simple Things: June

Dinner FunFitting InKarmatic HintI Heart Not NormalLearning Again

It’s the first Monday of the month – we’ll just check in on my ADHD answers.

1. Five pics from the past month – Dinner Fun. Fitting In. Karmatic Hint. I ❤ Not Normal. Learning Again.

2. Five current favorite words – whether I can use them or not: Lasagna. Libertarian. Urgency. Customer. Empathy.

3. Current favorite dish: Eating in my kitchen: a Cajun twist on Bon Appetit’s Ultimate Lobster Roll . Eating out: The Pass. The most perfect restaurant ever – their version of Ham & Eggs – Fried pork skin and caviar. A dream.

4. Favorite Memory this past Month: Homemade lasagna from an Italian man – from scratch as in, nothing bought….and Looking forward to: July Fourth Weekend!

5. Current best quote: “I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun.” – Hunger Games


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