RePost: I can’t wait til next year | 5 Things Paris Taught Me About Travel–The Kitchn

So I’m going to Paris next year. In April or May or September. As soon as I can get my head wrapped around taking time off and fulfilling the dream.

That said, I really enjoyed this not-quite-travel, but definitely insightful article about traveling. Personally, the quote I’ve pulled below couldn’t have encompassed better how I felt about things when I went to Italy. The people were amazingly nice and obviously completely up to speed with complex hand gestures, and the best part, I didn’t feel embarrassed after I just let go and lived in their world for a bit.

Travel is an amazing thing. Sometimes I find it takes me into a new way of thinking, a new stage of life or provides a much needed turning point.  I’m going to New York with my mother later this year, and while I’m ecstatic about this, I’m also always amazed at the transformation that occurs when I travel alone. So next year, in Paris, I’m hoping for big things.


5 Things Paris Taught Me About Travel

It’s always a challenge to just be myself, roll with the near constant embarrassments of being somewhere I don’t speak the language, and to eat well and enjoy each moment for what it is. It’s the lifelong lesson of travel, I suppose, and if we’re all lucky we’ll take a little more back with us each time we go.


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