Shinier than a New Penny

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So she’s getting BEEEEE-GRRRRR. This week we pulled out the full size bowl for her to start eating out of. This is causing Ralph quite the turmoil,30624 Penny Big Bowl because he was rather enjoying feeling macho eating big bites of food from her bowl every now and again. Now he does this hilarious little dance trying to peer in over the top of her bowl.

She’s really become quite calm this week, nothing lethargic or worrisome, but the few nights I’ve been home the entire time, I’ve gotten her to go outside, eat, go out again and then she’s happy playing with one trillion toys thrown about in the livingroom. 30625 Penny bun hairWe bought a new toy basket this past weekend, it’s become a toy too. I don’t know why the other one wasn’t a chew thing, but this one certainly is. I think I need to rethink and repurchase something that isn’t natural fibers, those must smell good.

I can’t tell if she watches tv or not. Most of the time she has her back to it, but then when she does face it she seems to really like the pictures. Maybe I just want a tv watching friend, who knows. I love catching her when her ears are all folded up into a “bun” on her head, it looks like Rosie the Riveter’s famous kerchief. Sadly, this is the best picture I can get thus far, she keeps turning her head when I get the camera, and if she moves too much, those silimageky floppy ears tumble down from her coif.

She’s growing, growing, growing. Without even measuring this week I know she’s grown. I can finally put two fingers in her collar to lead her without bending over. Big girl!


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