A Penny’s Worth of Love

So, we’ve had some minor setbacks in the potty training department. It feels like she totally gets the back door bell. Done. Success. But when she’s too tired, or it’s too hot, she seems to scoot her way to the door, or under the bed, leaving me a trail or small pool. What gives Penn? One day at a time, and it’s not happening at an alarming rate, but I feel like a failure every time, I m0702pENNean – we were SO there…come on?

We did graduate from puppy school this past week.  Woo hoo. I think this class definitely helped me realize more about myself. That’s pretty deep for a class at a Petsmart, huh? I realized I was asking her to sit “Can you sit?” vs. “Sit!”….perhaps I need to realize the submissive approach I may be taking in some of my relationships and interactions, not that I should – forgive the pun – bark at people…but it gave me food for thought.

Playing with Ralph has become something I currently yearn to watch. They take the ends of a toy and tug until everyone’s tired. The latest game, initiated by Ralph it seems, is to chase around the coffee table. Now that Penny’s legs are working a little bit more coordinated, this game seems to be hilarious for Ralph, since from Penny’s taller vantage point, he can’t be seen. It makes me giggle.

30701 VETMuch to my happiness and her dismay, Penny is starting to realize she can’t fit under the bed that easily any more. Oh the mornings that I will no longer spend coaxing or plain pulling her out from underneath the caverns. She’s also getting better at crating with a little help from treats. She seems to have discovered Pupperoni as THE treat of the affluent Great Dane, because she can smell it from miles away and knows that it’s just the thing when asking her to do the unthinkable – and get into her kennel.

Additionally, she’s really learning how to sit and stay. We were out in public and being whispered in her ear to sit even works. A light tap for her to lay down, even on concrete, and she heeds. I’m loving this part of the training as I’m noticing she’s getting to be child eye level and this can cause fear for the little ones out there. Usually if I get her to lay down and she’s staying there quite well, kids will come up and pet her. I am blessed with a dog who is not bothered by people – big and small, as well as other dogs. She got hugs and kisses from a Mastiff puppy, and didn’t bat an eyelash of negativity. I was so thrilled that I have the peaceful pet.


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