RePost: Things I Want to Start Doing | My Everyday Life: Week 26– Shutterbean

I really need to start getting into Flickr or Instagram or just taking photographs more. It’s part of my Resolutions this year, and I’ve been doing MUCH better at taking the events that happen in my life.

What I miss sometimes is the “mundane” things. Not to even start and say this wonderful blogger from Shutterbean’s life is mundane. Not even a little. But what it makes me realize, is that my life isn’t either. Perhaps I could share a little more of my day-to-day. I just live at a desk most days though, and when I am out and about, I’m not always thinking “take a photo of this”.

I just taped a little phrase “take a photo” onto the side of my phone. I hope it’s at least a start for me to start and take little snapshots of where I am in life normally. I want to look back and share one day about how I lived, and that’s not always on holiday, or at a party – but in those quiet moments that made me who I am. Pictures tell 1,000 words, and I know that I want to leave some of those places for others to see. _____________________________________________________________


Beef/Broccoli Chow Mein. It’s good to be home & back in the kitchen from our Hawaii trip. We still aren’t really adjusted to the time difference.


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