What’s On My Newsstand

I love to read. And when you mix this with not being able to find really good books on-demand all the time, or want to take the plunge and pay $15 for a new novel on my Nook, I turn to my trusty iPad and my archives of magazines.

Before I start though, kudos to the new science of iPad publishing. At first I was skeptical – how do you rip out articles? What if I like the paper version? It’s true, I still like getting some of my mags in the mail, but officially, everything is now moved over to my tablet, and I’m loving it. I take photos of the articles I want to save, and they are way easier to email to friends and family to share.

I usually start off with the latest edition of Real Simple magazine. It’s food, it’s style, it’s life lesson articles. I love their question of the month and I adore how modern and clean lined the magazine is. They put in a quirky quote on full page art-worthy photographs and I’m immediately sucked into whatever the story is. They keep it light but real, and I’ve been a fan for years.

Martha Stewart Living has been on my subscription roster ever since I could pay for my own magazines. While most girls could probably put Cosmo or Glamour in that list, I was just never blown away by looking at $500 shirts I would never buy. Not that Martha has the most financially sound advice – as looking at her oyster spoon collections or even just drooling over her massively busy schedule of strawberry farming and mountain bike chain oiling, but she appeals to me. That’s her whole niche though, to make me want to stake heirloom tomatoes in a community garden off the coast of Maine. Maybe one day I will, but for now, I am happy reading her recipes and attempting at her amazing craft projects. Plus her holiday issues, can’t be beat.

Martha Stewart Weddings follows up right behind MS Living. (Side note: I desperately already miss her food mag, Everyday Food) Weddings has held me as a reader for over 8 years. Forget that I have no wedding plans coming up, I’m sure my mail person thinks I’m crazy. But I love the photos. Being a photographer, I always need new inspiration and this magazine, through articles and advertisements really feeds my need for new ideas. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to stare at the diamonds, flower arrangements and towering sugary cake perfections.

Houstonia is a recent new pick up on my list. All about my Houston hometown. I love it. It has restaurant reviews, upcoming events, photos of the latest social events (so that I can plan for next year!) It has great local contests and really ties me in with all of the things I love about my city. With millions of people here, there are millions of little communities that spring up and this publication really pulls them all together, or all shapes and sizes and levels, and lets me pick what my next weekend is going to be packed with!

People Style Watch is my only fashion magazine. It has plenty of suggestions from stores that I shop in so that I keep interested in what they are presenting. I love the monthly issues that seem to be just ahead of the season so that I can take screen shots mercilessly and make a page of items to go out and look for in the shops that I love – -and won’t break my wallet. They present things with great organization – something that feeds that OCD sense of mine, as well as lacking that crazy avant garde need to have a celebrity holding jello and wearing Mohawk and a pair of jeans that cost $800. In other words, none of those cliché fashion spreads that doesn’t show me the clothes up front and center. I love this for style, and share it with friends!

Taste of Home – my lil country publication. I love how homey this magazine is. I know that I’ve gotten more than my subscriptions worth of recipes that “stick” with me from this. I’ve been using one of their Christmas cookie recipes for over a decade now. (Aging myself. Great.) They have readers who are editors, and I love seeing the favorite meals of other “regular people” hit the pages. While I’m always up for trying a new gourmet recipe, this magazine tends to give me those recipes that I’ll repeat more often because of their simplicity and ease from oven to table.

Life + Dog – this Houston publication is a great magazine about dogs and their owners. I won a subscription to it several years ago after winning a photo contest they held. Since then I’ve been an avid subscriber. They tell me about the latest dog-friendly events in my area as well as new boutiques and fun parks.

Bon Appetit has really become one of the ones I look forward to each month. It’s recipes and stories are truly works of art. In depth articles about regional cuisines, stories about diners or chefs or patrons of restaurants. Bon Appetit really takes cooking and eating to a whole new level. I love how their lay out is so hip and mod, but they keep me entertained with good articles and a great stories. I love how they end each month with a celebrity “interview” on a napkin. Great way to close!

Saveur has a great all around product. Between their magazine and online blog, I love each and every story they turn out. They go in depth with their subjects, and I adore when they have a spotlight on a particular country or region’s food. Their pictures show the culture, the 360-degree view of the kitchen-table-at-hand so to speak. Their recipes are a good mix between classic, fun and casual as well as challenging gourmet. Each month I always end up with one or two that I must try! I swore to myself I would stop getting so many new recipes and start making my own classics…and yet, this magazine thwarts that goal every time!

La Cucina Italiana as a part of my resolutions, I’ve been re-learning Italian. As a part of this, I picked up a subscription of the English-version of La Cucina Italiana. This cooking magazine does authentic Italian with some of the best pictures of food and the country itself enjoying the food. I love how much they make sure to stay true to culture, and it makes me feel like I’m getting an authentic recipe that someone’s Nonna will prepare. Each month I adore letting the Italian recipe titles roll off my tongue…when I return I may not know how to get somewhere, but I will know how to order along the way!

Great British Food – I have no idea. In all my excitement about writing you about my magazines, I found this one today…and ordered it. Sigh…..a shopping habit! The impulse buy!



Happy reading at the beach, near the pool or on the couch. Make yourself some lemonade, put on a hair and face masque, soak your feet and hands in good lotion and enjoy reading, I have such a wonderful time understanding and taking in new ideas, projects, and thoughts. I hope a few of these kick off a new avenue for you.


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