It’s all going Henny Penny


Can we talk about how much my puppy is growing up? I took this Penn Logopicture the other day from her favorite perch on the stairs, and then quickly realized it’s also the same sitting position as the day I first took her home. While I love the idea that she’s growing and bouncing and even more fun, and less pee (I think.), I’m also happy that those floppy ears are still flopping about.

Penny SlidesGratefully she gave me some poses on the stair step that I thought merited a little vintage photo booth action. She’s such a funny face maker sometimes. That tongue comes lolling out, or she just sighs and “melts” to the floor. Sorta like she did at puppy class…when, clearly, she was over sitting for the 4,000th time.

She’s been up to quite a lot lately. Things are getting better at crating, I can now throw a treat in and not fight her on going to bed or getting ready for work. I’m so happy with this, as now I don’t get a slobbery kiss on my pant leg before exiting the house for the day.

Additionally she’s gotten really good at chilling out in her crate or not whining when I’m not in her immediate view. Originally this was a huge issue when she came home – every time a human wasn’t around, and sometimes only specific humans, she’d lose her mind making sure she had someone she knew. Now she’s much more independent and chilling out without me having to be there.

What I love about Penny is her resistance towards aggression. The otGPher week at the vet a dog snapped at her. Despite getting a small scratch, she boo-hoo’d a small bit, but never came back at the offending animal. Likewise, she’s been run up to by adults and kids alike – pulling at her without much permission from her or her owner first – and taking it very well. She rolls with the hugs and the punches, and genuinely seems to love the public affection.

Penny is amazing in the car. I hook her in the back and she sits and enjoys the AC by nuzzling her face over my shoulder near the first vent she feels wind billowing from. She chews on her bone or watches out the window..and even when she’s in a snarky mood, starts to rearrange my hair (which never seems to be far from disheveled…and needing a makeover).

So she’s grown. A lot. Even upon returning home from vacation I knew she popped up. Her imagehead is clearly AT the kitchen table level, and she’s starting to test the boundaries of counters and jumping up ON things. There have been a lot of NO NO and AH! UNH UNH! in this stage, and she’s taking it into account. As she’s realizing her size, I’m having to continually remind myself that she is still learning, and still a puppy.


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